How to write a journal in an exam/test or for yourself - Tips for learners/students

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A journal are entries you write (in a book or on the computer or your cellphone), recording interesting events during a certain time - it can be over a few days on a trip, a few weeks or even over years.

Well known people kept journals/diaries and because of that we know more about them and their history.  Well known explorers and scientist kept journals of their travels and the interesting bones and shells they found. Journals have been written on prison walls with blood, on the bark of trees with burned charcoal or even in the sand.

  • Enrichment - watch the video and choose one person you are interested in - do research on their life and make up a few journal entries that you think they would have written to remember certain events.

You can keep your own journal/diary just for fun so that you can go back and re-live you memories and you can write in any way you want and draw pictures or add photographs and other memorabilia.

When you have to write a journal for a test or exam you must keep the following in mind:

  • There is a difference between a diary and a journal - The journal is a record of events and experiences while the diary is a personal piece of writing which if often only for your eyes.  A journal will be shared with others to inform them of what you experienced.

  • If you write an entry in your diary, it is intimate and between you and your diary, but when you write in a journal, you record events and experiences.
  • The language you use in your journal is not formal, but not totally informal - you must document your events and experiences in a way that other people will understand and can picture, even if they were not there.  You also need to give enough information about certain events.
  • Do not use a lot of 'slang' in a journal, unless you quote somebody, but in your diary you can write any way you want.
  • You need to start you journal entry with a date and if you are in a strange place the location.
  • The journal entry will describe what is happening at a specific time.

Choose one of the following topics to write a few journal entries on:

  1. You are abducted - you do not know who the people are that did this and why they did it.  Write a journal of the week you were in the hands of your abductors.
  2. You are a space explorer.  Your shuttle lands on a strange planet.  Write a journal for the first week on this planet.
  3. You are one of the people that were chosen for 'Idols Top 20' - write a journal telling about your first week on this journey.

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