Knowing some first aid to help your friend or yourself - Life skills Gr 2-3

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It may happen that we get sick or hurt.  Many times we will have to go to the doctor, but some of the times you can do something about it yourself.


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Lets look at a few situations that can happen to you and how you can help yourself or somebody else.  

ALWAYS remember, if you are helping somebody who is bleeding in any way, you will have to put on gloves.


This can start very quickly and sometimes it stops straight away, but other times it will take a while before the bleeding stops.

Sit forward with your head down - do not hold your head backwards, because you can get blood in your throat and choke.  

Squeeze the top of your nose for 10 minutes and breathe through your mouth.



If you played outside and hurt yourself and your arm or foot is bleeding the first thing you want to do is use a clean cloth to press down on the cut to stop the blood.  

You must clean the sore by either washing it with soap or using something like Dettol to clean and disinfect it.  

Cover the cut, after you have dried it, with a clean cloth or gauze or a plaster.

Your blood will eventually clot (stop flowing) because the platelets that are present in your blood.



You were helping your mom cook or maybe played with fire (which you knew you were not suppose to do) and have burned yourself.  

The first thing to do is put the burned area in cold water or hold it under running water for about 10 minutes.  

Dry the area with a clean dry cloth and then put some ointment for burns on it.


  • Think of something else that can happen to you or your friend and do some research to find out how you will be able to help.(for example if somebody chokes)
  • Read the following sentences and say if it is True or False.  If it is False, correct it to be True and if it is True, say why.
  1. Do not press on a bleeding area.
  2. If you and your friend are bleeding you can use the same cloth for both of you.
  3. You must wash your hands often.
  4. Put a wet cloth on a burn and hold it there until it is dry.
  5. Throw the cloth or plastic bag with blood in the wastepaper basket.
  6. Put your foot in cold water if it is burned.
  7. If you have a nosebleed, hold your head to the back.
  8. You will find special ointment for burns at the pharmacy.
  • You are now going to practice on a friend, acting out the three situations, nosebleed, cuts and burns in order to make sure that you can remember what you read and saw in the videos and for in case it really happens.
  • Have a look in the different ways you can bandage certain parts of your body - also practice that on a friend.


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We have already looked at people who can help us during emergency situations, like the ambulance or police, doctor or fire brigade.  

Make sure that you have still have the emergency numbers written down where everybody can see it, for in case you need them.

  • For fun - You are going to make some clay people.  They can be people from the emergency services, they can be the people in your family that you care for and like to help.  Your decision and also how you will form them and dress them.  For some ideas you can watch the video and you can also make your own clay.  Here is the recipe.  Depending on the type of clay you make, you can bake it or let in dry and then paint it in the way you choose to build a family or different people.  Use your imagination.


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Thank goodness that I was trained in First Aid whilst a factory manager for a big farm long ago Lady Anneke. My wife Marian burnt her foot badly by dropping a boiling kettle on her foot a few tears ago and today there are no marks, as cold water initially was a pert of the healing process. Everyone should take up first aid training! Blessings and may you and yours have a great 2019!


Thank you and the same to you guys