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Many people do not care about Earth and nature and they cause a lot of pollution.  Pollution is when you put something out in nature that makes it dirty like you throw papers out of the car window or big factories make a lot of smoke that goes up into the air.

We need to try and be aware of pollution and keep it to a minimum, because the more we pollute, the more we damage Earth and it can also make us sick

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We get different types of pollution

  1. Air pollution 
  2. Water pollution
  3. Ground/soil pollution
  4. Noise pollution
  • Can you give examples of what causes these different types of pollution?  Try and find a picture of each type of pollution.

Watch the video and answer the questions


  1. What is pollution?
  2. Which things can be affected by pollution?
  3. When does air pollution happen?
  4. Give examples of air pollution.
  5. What are fossil fuels?
  6. What gas is given off by cars?
  7. What is the after effects of the greenhouse effect?
  8. What is water pollution?
  9. Why is this a dangerous type of pollution?
  10. What happens if oil leaks into the water?
  11. Why are pesticides that the farmer spray dangerous?
  12. What is soil pollution?
  13. Who tries and control pollution?
  14. Name a few ways in which we can contain pollution.
  15. Why are trees important to us?

You have heard in the video about greenhouse gasses and the greenhouse effect.  But what does that mean?  

The earth has air around it called the atmosphere.  During the day Earth heats up and at night time it is suppose to cool down, which means the heat will leave the atmosphere.  

But now because of all the gasses given off by pollution that are hanging around in the atmosphere, it is stopping the heat to go out and keeps it in like a blanket.  

Earth heats up more than it is suppose to and then things happen like the glaciers melt and the sea levels rises.

  • Study the picture and see if you can explain it in your own words.


image source

  • For enrichment:  You can read more about the greenhouse effect here
  • Watch the video if you still do not understand the greenhouse effect


Because of the greenhouse effect and the earth that warms up too much we call it global warming.  This can cause a lot of bad things to happen to Earth.

  • Do some of your own research and find out what the effects of global warming can be.

The environment and people and animals can be affected by pollution.  Look at the following examples of some of the effects of pollution.

  • Oil is spilled into the oceans and the gills of the fish are clogged and sea birds are covered by oil and cannot fly.
  • Chemicals from factories are poured into rivers and the animals and plants in the river will die.
  • The smoke in the air will cause people to suffer with lung diseases and asthma.
  • Loud noise can be distracting, keep people out of their sleep and even damage your ears.
  • Plastic thrown around will not be broken up by Earth and animals can eat it or get trapped in it and die.


We only have one Earth and it is our responsibility to look after it - if each person just make sure they do not throw around papers or cut down too many trees or make too much smoke or throw stuff in the water, pollution will be much less and nature so much cleaner and happier.  

Start today and do not be a litter bug.

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