Nomsa feels miserable- A story for kids

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Nomsa was feeling sad and miserable.  Yes, miserable with a capital M.  Or maybe just jealous, but mostly miserable.  

Her stepsister Harriet was getting hair extensions as part of her Christmas gift, but even though Nomsa also wanted it, she was not getting it.

Harriet was Dina's daughter - she was Nomsa's dad's new wife.

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Last week Nomsa asked her dad if she could get a new denim.  She has grown quite a bit and hers was too small. Instead of just saying "Yes" he said "I will have to check with Dina first."  That has never happened and Nomsa just had a feeling that it will turn out to be a "No".

Nomsa was very unhappy and she thought Mom would have bought me the denim.

Unfortunately Nomsa's mom were not with them anymore, she died 5 years ago of cancer and there is not a day that goes by that Nomsa does not miss her mom.  

After her death, Nomsa and her dad  really bonded and helped each other to get through their grieve, but now everything has changed.... he has a new wife and stepdaughter.

Two year ago he met Dina and they got married and Dina and Harriet moved in with them.  Nomsa loved the idea of seeing her dad happy again, his eyes were sparkly again, he would laugh at her jokes, he walked upright again, but still she felt a little betrayed because things changed a lot after Dina and Harriet came into their lives.

While Nomsa was still deep in thought, she heard her stepmom call her to come downstairs.  Nomsa was not in the mood to go down, but she also did not want to cause any problems for herself.

When she came around the corner, she saw Harriet, acting all cool with her new extensions.

"O, doesn't her hair look gorgeous?" Dina exclaimed.

Nomsa wanted to be polite, but before she knew it she was shouting at Dina and Harriet, "I hate you, I hate you both.  My mother would have been fair to both of us, not treat the one different from the other ."

With that she ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door shut.

Nomsa fell on the bed and started crying.  She knew that her mom would have been disappointed in her for her actions, but she just could not help herself.

That just made her feel even more miserable.  

She was crying so hard and feeling so sorry for herself that she did not even hear Dina come into the room and say:  "I am so sorry Nomsa, I did not know that is the way you felt.  I promise you I will try to make you see that I also love you and want to treat you in the same way as what I treat Harriet."


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