The parents of the poor little kid were asking questions. What was wrong? How can he be fixed? (Part two)

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The parents were devastated that their boy could not learn to read and write. It was their fault, they got it wrong in the first five years. The baby books said that these years was most important for a child's social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.

They had always praised him, spent lots of quality time with him, talked, sang and read to him. They were at a loss. He was a very happy normal developing little boy who showed no indication that he would fail with learning.


They were most anxious meeting the psychologist but found her to be very personable and friendly. The boy's parents felt relaxed and answered her questions. She was creating a profile of their son's developmental history, learning, behaviour, attitude. It was important to reach the right conclusion in order to assist him with learning.

The psychologist told them that the results of her testing showed that their boy's understanding of spoken words was weak in comparison to his classmates. So when the teacher talked quickly he could not keep up and did not know how to do work tasks.

It was very normal for kids with these learning problems to keep their failure a secret. They do not want to loose face otherwise their self-worth does a bigger nose dive.


All the mum and dad heard was that their son had problems processing verbal information, memory weakness and a weak ability to sound out his letters and words.

Their little boy had a specific learning disability related to reading and writing. They also heard there is a usually genetic link. Are there others in your families with learning problems?

With a sense of horror, the mum suddenly realised that her brother failed in all his classes until he left school early. He hated school. Until now she had no idea of the reason, her mum told her that her brother was like her uncle, he would also make a good plumber.

Some boys are more' hands on' learners rather than academic learners!


This is when she started to cry, she was filled with hopelessness and grief for her son who still had a lot of years in the school system. How was he going to manage failing English every year?

The psychologist calmly told them that there has been a lot of progress in supporting children with learning problems. They cannot be fixed, only helped. The teacher, the learning support teacher, the deputy and herself will work together to write a program. The parents were invited to join the meetings.

The parents left the meeting hopeful that the school would cater for their son's learning disability. They were thankful to be included and thankful for a psychologist who was prepared to help them and the teacher understand their boy's learning problem. If only they could get good teachers every year!


Cheers and Blessings

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I am a trier, haha.

Good the parents were informed and know there is help for their son. I didn’t realize this problem with learning is sometimes genetic but makes sense.

Yes, in every case I worked with there was some link in the families with learning disability/difficulties. It is such a bugger to inherit.

Good for the parents that they looked for help and answers for their son and found some understanding.

Yes, I so agree @joalvarez, so much better than being consumed with worry and making the child learn.

Howdy angiemitchell! Is this a real case and if so, how did the boy get along with the help he received? Do they send them to special classes?