Your emotions does have an effect on you

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We all have emotions - even on the days you tell yourself you do not have any - and that is normal.  We can either have positive or negative emotions and they can play a huge role in how we see ourselves and get through the day.


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'Negative emotions' are not always bad for us, it is emotions that are just a little more difficult to understand and deal with, but even those can teach us things and prepare us for life to come.

We all prefer to rather experience the 'positive emotions' like being happy and excited, but unfortunately life throws things at us that does not always make this possible.

The secret is you that your emotions need to be balanced.  It is normal to feel sad sometimes and happy others, but if we are stuck only on the negative side, then there may be a problem.  It is not good for anybody to always feel sad or lonely.

Even if we do not like feeling negative emotions like sadness or being scared, it can also be good for us, because it can help us to prepare ourselves and get us ready for similar situations that may occur again and then we will know better how to deal with it.

 Negative emotions focus our awareness. They help us to zero in on a problem so we can deal with it. But too many negative emotions can make us feel overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, or stressed out. When negative emotions are out of balance, problems might seem too big to handle. 


Positive emotions are enjoyable and they can also cancel out the negative feeling, so even while negative emotions are part of life, we all prefer the positive ones.  If we concentrate on being happy, our lives will be more enjoyable and we will appreciate things more and will get along better with other people.

Even though it is not always possible to be happy the whole time, it is still a choice you can make.  If you prefer to look at 'the bright side of things' and not just go around and find fault and get irritated with everything, your brain will register more 'happy thoughts' and your emotions will also become more positive.

Make a decision every day to notice it when you are feeling good.  Do not take it for granted and appreciate the things around you that gives you 'positive vibes'.  

We need to be able to either balance our emotions between good and bad or try and let ourselves feel more of the positive emotions than the negative ones.


Life can be difficult and if you have a problem at being happy and getting yourself positive and you feel that your negative emotions are taking over your life, or you feel that you cannot get yourself to feel better, then you will have to speak to someone - do not let yourself sink into a deep, dark hole.  There are people that can help you.

All of us deserve some positive emotions to fill our days.

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