When and how do I use an apostrophe and quotation marks? Revision for kids

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Today we will do some revision for grammar - get ready to refresh your memory....



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One of the uses of an apostrophe is to show possession - showing what belongs to someone.

Example: The boy's dog is sick  (the 's is called an apostrophe s and it shows you that the dog that belongs to the boy is sick.)

An apostrophe can also be used to shorten words (this is called an contraction)

Example: She will go to the shop - She'll go to the shop (she will changes to she'll)


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If you are still not sure how to use an apostrophe, first watch the video before you complete the exercises.


Fill in the missing apostrophes:

  1. Peter does not like the pills bitter taste.
  2. Susans head aches.
  3. Jamies bed is big enough for him and his dog to sleep on.
  4. My teachers cat is very old.
  5. I borrowed my friends pen.

Write the contractions of the following (write it in the way we say it when we speak - make sure to check your spelling and that the apostrophe is in the correct place)

  1. can not
  2. I will
  3. are not
  4. you are
  5. she will
  6. could not
  7. it is
  8. I am
  9. do not
  10. would not

Look at the following picture and write the contractions out as two words - I'll=I will etc.


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Quotation marks


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The part that a person is saying (called direct speech) is written between the quotation marks.  You have to start your quotation marks, write what the person says and then close your quotation marks.

Re-write the sentences filling in the quotation marks in the correct place:

  1. I am very tired, said the boy.
  2. Where do you live? the man asked me.
  3. Lets go to the shop, my mom said, I will buy some bread and milk.
  4. The man asked me, Do you know where my house is?
  5. I love learning and reading, said Peter

If you are still not sure about how to use quotation marks, watch the video:



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