We learn more about the features of Earth - Part 5 The Arctic - Information and questions for kids

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Yesterday we learned more about Antarctica which is found at the most Southern tip of the world.  Many people think that Antarctica and the Arctic is the same place, when in fact they are totally in opposite sides of the world.  The Arctic is found in the most Northern point of the Earth.

As well as the Arctic Ocean, the Arctic region is made up of parts of Russia, Greenland, Canada, USA, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Finland. 

The people, animals and plants that live in these extreme cold conditions, have adapted to survive here.  The coldest temperature that the Arctic ever had was minus 68 degrees Celsius.

Global warming also has a negative influence on this area and it had shrunk over the years.

  • What is global warming?
  • What negative effects can it have on the Arctic?  (Do research)

The name is fitting since it means 'near the bear' and there are many polar bears found here.

Some parts of the Arctic is a bit warmer and plants like small shrubs, herbs, moss and lichen will grow here.

  1. Describe the Arctic in a few words.
  2. Are there summers in the Arctic?
  3. Why does the Arctic get very little sun in the winter?
  4. What is 'the midnight' sun?
  5. How long do darkness last in the 'polar light'?
  6. What will you see during these dark nights?
  7. Watch the rest of the video and make notes on a few extra facts on any of the animals or plants discussed.

Here in the Arctic you will find a variety of animals and some are squirrels, polar bears, birds, seals and wolverines.

The Arctic is a good place to find certain natural resources like fish, oil and a collection of minerals.

  • What is a natural resource?
  • What can these resources be used for?
  • Read here more about the natural resources found in the Arctic.
  • Listen to the story on the video and then set a few of your own questions on this story.


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