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Have you ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle?  The place where they say you will just disappear into thin air?  Spooky....

Lets see if we can learn more about this strange place.

Legend has it that many ships and aeroplanes have disappeared when going over this area.  Where is the Bermuda triangle?  It is situated in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida.

While it has become part of popular culture to link the Bermuda Triangle to paranormal activity, most investigations indicate bad weather and human error are the more likely culprits. 

Or is it????

Many people have researched these incidents and came to the conclusion that many of the reports were exaggerated and there is not more incidents happening here that in other parts of the ocean.

The stories do scare a lot of people but this area is actually used a lot in normal day to day routes for boats and even cruise ships.  There are also a lot of aircrafts that fly over this area.

Stories of unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle started to reach public awareness around 1950 and have been consistently reported since then. 

Ever since people have been telling these stories and who knows, even made it worse than it really was.  They even made documentaries and movies about it and there were references to UFOs and even a lost city of Atlantis.

Some people even give the explanation of the disappearances as the work of pirates, or undocumented sinking of ships, hurricanes, rough weather and huge waves or human error.

Some of the most well known incidents that were reported are

  • The USS Cyclops went missing after it left Barbados in 1918 and the crew of 309 men were never seen again
  • The TBM Avenger bomber went missing in 1945 while  flying over the Atlantic
  • In 1955 people found a yacht that went through 3 hurricanes, but all the crew were missing
  • In 1958 an aircraft that had 32 people on board went missing and were never found

The question now is what do you believe?  Is it just made up stories or is it real?

Will you sail or fly over the Bermuda Triangle?


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