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So while your teacher is standing in front of the class and rambling on, she says "Take some notes".  Everybody grabs their pen and papers and start writing.  There you sit.  How do we take notes that can be helpful when reading them again?


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Taking notes can be very helpful if you do it properly.  It can help you if you need to remember what was said and can even help you when studying for a test, but it will not do you any good if you do not do it well.  

So lets look at a few tips to help you.

  1. Write down the most important parts - some teachers will make notes on the board to help you, but some will just explain the work to you in their own words.  Listen carefully and make notes on the parts that you think are important - explanation of terms, dates, reasons for things that happen etc.  Do not try and write down everything that is said, you will never keep up, but make sure when you jot down the important parts, you write enough so that if you read it again, you will understand and remember what was said.
  2. For some people they learn more when they listen and others will have to write it down.  You will have to determine if you are the student that can just write a word and then if you see it again, can elaborate on it, or do you need extra information to remind you.
  3. Do not be the student that gets behind because you are too afraid to ask.  If your teacher talks too fast or there is something you are not sure of or do not understand, make sure you ask.  Most of the time kids do not want to ask because they are scared the others will laugh at them, but always remember this... many times most of the kids will be happy you asked because they did not have the guts, or rather ask than be the one that gets lost in all the words.  If you really have a problem with asking in front of the others, see your teacher after class.  (Do not impact yourself negatively because of worrying what others may think.  Let them think what they want.  Look after yourself.)
  4. It can also help to compare your notes with a friend's to see if you maybe left something out.  If you get home after school, read through your work in the textbook and compare it to your notes to make sure you have all the important parts written down.
  5. Do not leave your notes until it is time to study from it.  Once you get home, read it again, because you may have written so fast that it is a mess and will maybe have to re-write it while it is still fresh in your memory.
  6. If you take notes on loose papers, make sure you keep the different subjects together.  Also make sure you write a heading or page number at the top so that you will know which subject and topic it is.  Do not mix up all your notes, that will be confusing and waste time if you need to look for certain information.
  7. If you have enough time - or once you read through your notes again, you can use different color pens and highlighters to make it easier to study.


Taking notes is something that you will have to practice and doing it properly and reading it afterwards, will take time, but in the end it will benefit you, because now you heard the information, you write it and you read it, so your brain will store the information and then once you have to study it for a test, you will much easier recall and remember the information.


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Nice tips! thanks!