The weather Part 8 - Snow - General information to read and from videos for kids Gr 3-4

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Making snow angels and sledding can be a lot of fun.  If you live in South Africa, this is not a phenomena that you will experience a lot.  It only snows in certain areas during the winter.  Other countries get very cold and are always covered in snow during winter time.

You have learned about the water cycle.  When the water vapor condensates and it turn back into water droplets, it will rain, but if it freezes it will snow.

Snow can fall down and for light and 'fluffy' snow which is called 'powder' or it can be a storm where there is a lot of snow and wind and that is called a 'blizzard.

Each and every snowflake that falls are different from one another -they are like fingerprints.  Not one the same.

If you are out in the snow it can sometimes be difficult to see.  This is because the light is reflected off the snow and this causes something called 'snow blindness'.  It will help to wear sunglasses to make the reflection less.  This can all make driving in the snow very dangerous.

Skis, sleds and snowmobiles are useful transport options through snow. 

There are a lot of sports that can be practiced in the snow or on the ice, like skating, ice hockey, sledding etc.  See if you can find out more about different winter sports taking place in the snow.

Have a look at the video, listen to the story and answer the questions.

  1. How does an ice crystal form?
  2. When are snowflakes form?
  3. What is something that is remarkable about snowflakes?  Why does this happen?
  4. Name 3 examples of patterns of snowflakes.
  5. Why do snowflakes not have a colour?

Watch the rest of the video and see how many of the trivia facts you can remember.  Once you are done you can do the experiment to make your own snowflake.  Read here.


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