The lying friends - Story with lesson for kids

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Suzy and Liza were best friends,  They did everything together.  

The would play with their dolls and have picnics. Play in the garden and look for fairies.  They walked to school together every day and laughed and talked a lot.


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They had a lot of fun together and told each other everything, or lets say ALMOST everything.

On there way to school that morning they talked about how lucky they were to be friends.  Suzy said: "I am so happy to have you as a friend and I will never lie to you."

Liza told Suzy that she was the lucky one and that she also will always be honest with her and tell her if something bothered her.

When they got to school, their teacher had a surprise for the whole class.  

She told them that the school was having a competition for all the kids.  They could each enter the competition and paint or draw something.  They could even work together with a friend if they wanted and the winner would get some art supplies and also a voucher from a toy store.

Suzy and Liza loved drawing and painting and they were very excited.

Liza did not want to tell Suzy that she wanted to enter the competition alone, so she said that she did not want to enter the competition at all,  because she did not like competitions and have never won anything

Suzy was a bit surprised, so she decided she is also going to act as though she will also not enter the competition. 

Meantime she just thought to herself I will just enter and not tell Liza.

Believe it or not but Liza was thinking the exact same thing.  She lied when she told Suzy that she will not enter.

After school Liza started making excuses why Suzy could not come home with her "My mom said I have to study today"

It did not bother Suzy because she wanted to get home as fast as she could and start on her painting.


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Both the girls ran home and started working on their paintings.  They felt a little bit guilty that they were lying to one another but just decided they wanted the price for themselves.

A week later the teacher announced the winner.  

To Liza and Suzy's surprise the teacher said "The winner is Allen and Suzy and Liza, you are second.

Liza and Suzy looked at each other but then they felt very shy.

"Why did you not tell me you were entering?"  asked Liza.

"Why did you not tell me that YOU were entering?"  asked Suzy.

"I am so sorry I was selfish - I hoped I would win and keep the prize to myself." said Liza.

"How silly we were.  I felt the same.  First of all we were selfish and secondly we lied to one another, which we promised we would never do.  If we were honest and we worked together, we could have won, or we could have just admitted that we wanted to enter the competition by ourselves" Suzy said with a red face.

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The two girls hugged each other and promised that from now on they would be honest with one another and would rather say it straight out if they feel it is time to do things apart from one another, but not lie about is.

The girls learned that day that even if you are the best of friends, it is okay to have some time apart from one another and do your own thing, but it is better to be honest.  

If somebody loves you and cares for you, they will understand and respect your decision, because you were honest.


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