Disagree respectfully

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Nobody can go through life always just agreeing with everything and everybody.  If you do that, you will never voice your own opinions or be true to yourself or your believes.

Certain things will happen or people will expect something from your with which you do not agree and then it is your right to disagree.  The whole secret is to make your own ideas clear, even if that means you will have to say that you do not agree with the person, but it does not mean you have to do it in a rude or disrespectful way.

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Some people find it easy to disagree with others, but many people are shy or do not want to offend the other person.  It can especially be difficult to disagree with an adult if you are a child, but here are some tips on how to do it respectfully.

Do not badmouth somebody or get personal


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It does not mean if you disagree with somebody that you do not have respect for that person.  You only disagree with what is been said.  Do not attack the person or make them feel bad about themselves.  

You are upset or mad about the concept, not the person.  So if your parents tell or ask you something that you disagree with, you can tell them in a calm manner why you do not agree.  Not by shouting something like You are the worst mom, I hate you.

Do not just dismiss the other person's ideas

Sometimes we need to keep quiet for a while and listen to our parent's reason for saying something.  Try not to interrupt or as soon as they start saying something decide that you do not agree with them and then start carrying on with your own story.  

We need to try and see all sides of a situation and give a person the chance to explain.  Many times if you listen to everything you will change your mind, see their side, accept their views and agree with them.

Try and use the "I feel" scenario instead of pointing finger with "you"

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If your parents tell you to do something, instead of saying something like You never want me to do something, or You put so much pressure on me, you can change it to I feel that you can maybe allow me to do more things or I feel so pressured if you keep on expecting so much from me.  

This will sound less argumentative and rather relay the idea of your feelings and your point of view.

Take in consideration there is more than just your point of view

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People experience and see situations different.  You cannot expect everybody to feel exactly the same way you do.  Understand that everybody has the right to their own oppinion but also the responsibility to listen to other's.  

If you show respect to your parents in listening to what they have to say before you give your opinion, they will most probably do the same for you.  

So first be a good listener and a giver of respect before you expect the same back.

Do not throw a tantrum


You need to stay calm.  If you start throwing tantrums like a little kid because you disagree with them, they will start treating you like a little kid and you will never be able to air your own views.  Try and be the mature one and even if your parents get upset, be the one who stays calm and talk to them in a respectful manner.

The calmer you stay the more you will achieve and the better the chances are that everybody will have a turn to say how they feel.

Sometimes an argument will not be easily resolved or your parents will not change their minds, so you need to also know when to accept their way of thinking, even if you do not always agree with it.

Disagreeing with your parents are normal, but it is all in the way that you do it.

Watch the video for extra tips on how to agree or disagree with certain situations



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