Asking Students To Talk with Talking Stick : Tips for Teachers

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Hello all, today I would like to write an article about one of learning models that you and I can use this in our classrooms. The learning model called Talking Stick. Basically, Talking stick is one of cooperative learning model where students are actively involved in learning. This learning model can be applied to different levels of education; elementary school, junior high school or senior high school.

This learning model aims to engage students thinking independently and encourage students to dare to express their opinions in front of their friends. Also, this learning model motivates and encourages students to understand and discover their learning concepts.

In its application, the stick is usually used as one of the props. Students holding stick are asked to speak, explain what they understand, ask or answer questions asked by teacher or classmates.

Steps to carry out this learning model

I would like to explain some steps of applying this learning model in your classroom. Fortunately, this can be applied in any lesson you teach, what you need to do is to adapt based on your need and purpose. Here they are:

  1. After the teacher starts the lesson, the teacher create groups of students consisting of 5 students in each group. Putting student in group aims at facilitating them to communicate and to cooperate with their friends.
  2. The teacher prepares a stick that is 30-50 cm in length. The stick is used as the prop during the learning process.
  3. Then, the teacher presents the subject matter that will be studied in class. After that, students are given the opportunity to read textbooks on the subject matter and discuss with their friends.
  4. After reading and discussing, students are asked by the teacher to close their books and listen directions from the teacher.
  5. Then, the teacher picks up the stick and hands over to several students in turns to each group. Each student holding the stick must answer questions from the teacher, ask questions or explain the concept of the lesson.
  6. After the above activities are completed, the teacher draws conclusions and provides an evaluation of individual or group performance as a whole.
![stick pro.png]()

What are the advantages of this model?

Application of this model provides several positive benefits to students and teachers. By applying this learning model teachers can test readiness of students in understanding the topics being taught. The application of this learning model also provides benefits to improving students' fast reading skills as they have to read in a certain time to understand the concept of learning in their way. Then, with this model, students are encouraged to think critically and independently about how their learning concepts are effective, and engage them in working cooperatively with their peers.

Therefore, as a conclusion, the Talking Stick learning model deserves to be applied where teachers want to improve students' critical thinking skills, independent thinking skills and cooperative skills with their group mates. The application of this learning model provides benefits in some aspects mentioned above.


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