Genetic Enhancements On The Rise? Eventually There IS A Certain 'Fork' In The Road

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For ages Human beings have been obsessed with the Idea of living in a world that flourishes in the face of Medical advancement. My presumption is that Genetic Modification is going to evolve quite a bit in the following 10 - 20 years. Furthermore one should know that if this technology is even a tiny proportion of the Word: 'Successful', then we should expect to see an immediate 'Uprise' from the Religious communities around the World.

There are 3 evident Questions:

        1.)   Can Genetic Modification be used for more Practical Applications such as : Certain Bacterial and Chemical 
                 Immunity or Increased Overall Intelligence

        2.)    If this is so, exactly to what extent are the potential Ramifications of it's Medical capabilities?

         3.)   And finally, is there a legitimate Ethical plausibility that could confirm or validate even further advancements 
                 and funding?

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Eventually There IS A Certain 'Fork' In The Road Between The Two Opposing Forces Of Objective Rationality and Unsurmountable Spiritual Zeal.. Eventually The Force Ritualism MUST Coincide With The Destiny of Exploration. I Call This The OEA Rule : Which Stands For: Opposite Energies Attract


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