Steemit a way to raise fund for the Badjaos food

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Outreach for the badjaos

they are the people who just stay in the sidewalks or in the streets rain or shine

Giving out of ourselves is really a great thing that one can do. Giving is really a great job for humanity because not everyday we have time to extend ourselves to others. I have always  wanted to be a part of any activity of its kind. When  I am studying  in high school I used to be a part of the Red Cross team and everyone knows about this organization I suppose. It is in the news that they help people at times of calamities. This organization gave me the awareness to share part of ourselves in helping the needy.  

 I am old now and school is not my world anymore but the thirst for this cause remain a part of me and still a dream to be of help to others. I was given a chance to be a part of same involvement. A day before Christmas well…December 24, 2017. My friend said they will going to distribute some Jollibee products to the “Badjaos” they are the group we usually see in the streets asking for alms…yeah I admit I don’t give them some money when they ask me..(It was one of millions days did I gave a cent to them) I prefer giving them food so I went there to join the outreach.( Uh huh don’t get me wrong…I am not giving a money to them but I wanted to give them some food to eat…my notion is I don’t know if they are doing that for them…)   

  They were everywhere around the place and so we looked for them around because we only found some in the place they used to hangout. Maybe they are out for their business. We went to the market and to other establishment just to look for them and lucky we did.  

  If given the chance I would love to do the same thing again…and I hope I can do it in my way by using this platform steemit to be of help. If this post earn an ample amount I would love to share it to them.

hope this post appeal to   @surpassinggoogle  and @beanz and help me for my quest

 Other good   witnesses are:   








good job! keep it up

Thanks for dropping by

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What a great cause you got there... I also don't like giving the Badjaos money rather, I prefer biscuits instead

Thank you guys for your life and your kind hearts (teary eyed). I want to do this someday. Keep it up. God bless.

Its really satisfying and good luck to your plans you can do it

Thank you. With the help of our Lord Jesus Christ I know I can do it and also with the help on Steem community.

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Just keep posting about your plans sis and you will never fail.

Thanks sisj

Hi im @lorner i also love to give a food to them.but i have no money cannot afford to buy for them i only give 5 pesos.but i know someday God will provide and thats my prayer for them.Its nice to know there is people that willing to give.Because its better to give than to receive God bless you.

try your blog for a cause

Ahh ok thank you @baby07..thanks for upvote my blog .i really appreciate it

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