Papa... I Hope You'll Feel Better...

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It was wee hour in the morning when I received a message from my youngest brother...

"Si Papa, itinakbo namin sa ospital. "

In my mind, flashes back the was very long time ago...

He was drunk as usual.
I heard him shouting, cursing, pointing his finger to my mother who is crying.

I am behind the curtains not far from them. Enough to hear everything. To saw everything.

They are fighting...
They are fighting again...
I silently cried behind the curtain so they wouldn't hear me. Tears flowed through my mother's cheeks... and so do I.

Isang dakilang martir ang mama ko.

They separated countless times.. But papa keeps on coming back after 2 or 3 days... Pag wala na ang ispiritu ng demonyo. My mother, would welcome him open arms.. like nothing happens. Ganon ng ganon.. Paulit-ulit... Away-bati..

"...kumusta naman si Papa?", I replied.

I am their only daughter. But I grew up to be distant with my father. I was never close to him... Though he adores me...

My brother sent me pictures of Papa...



He is experiencing a severe pain all over his body due to his gouts and because of taking too much over the counter pain relievers, his kidneys failed.

My teardrops fell as I looked at the pictures. He had lost a lot of weight.. He is thin and weak. The man who used to be strong and powerful to our family is slowly deteriorating now..

I realized... No matter how bad he wasswhen he is drunk.. No matter how bad the past was.. he is still my father... I love him and I am praying for his fast recovery..

I thank @iwrite for mentoring me, for encouraging me to write, for his time and patience.
I am very blessed and thankful to have him as my mentor. And to @lunamystica for adding me in the group.

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Relate na relate ako jan sa tuwing lasing, papa ko ganyan din dati. Di ko na lang nararanasan ngayon kasi wala ako sa bahay. But we need to love our father kahit na ganyan sila,kasi hindi natin maitatanggi na isa sila sa dahilan kung bakit tayo nabuhay. Get well soon sa papa mo maam.


Thank you maam.. Nainom pa rin daw si papa lately.. Pro since humina katawan nya stop muna. Oo tama naman yan pero yong takot at memories as a child mahirap kali mutant. Pero mas matured na ang pag iisip natin ngaun kaya naiintindhan n ntin ang mga bgay-bagay..

Nagtataka ako bakit sila naglalasing tas aawayin asawa at anak. Tsk! Kung ilagay na lang sa tiyan ang ininom niya e d happy lahat.


Kaya nga po.. Blessing na lang po talaga na ang binigay ng Diyos na makatuwang ko sa buhay ay hindi lasenggero hehe

Teardrops SMT imaginary @surpassinggoogle has sent a tearful of hope for the speedy recovery of his father.

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Thank you so much..

welcome kabayan:)
Keep steeming:)


Thanks kabayan :)

Thank you for sharing,
Nice Photos

Greetings from Berlin
You know Philippines group in Berlin?


Thanks.. No, I haven't heard from it yet:)