Steemit Crush Contest: Steemian who I want to meet ......... @berniesanders and @blocktrades

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Hello Steemian community,

Yesterday I came across the post of @ramengirl, my congratulation with 3000 followers and your friends in Steemit, I wish you to continue to grow and enjoy to be a part of new growing community.

I saw your call for the contest: "Steemian, I want to meet and why"
I spend a day just thinking if there would be an opportunity who I would be keen to meet. I am four months now in Steemit and of course there are many interesting people who I came across, every day we learn a bit about each other and I really enjoy it.

Until very recent I live and exist in this my little bubble consisting of talented photographers, artists and musician. But in sometimes in November I saw some posts in trending that contained two names @blocktrades and @berniesanders. Since then I learnt one can not only upvotes but downvote and to flag, that I have never seen before in such dimension, when with upvote of one the post reached 80-100$ and with downvote of other everything was down between 0 and twenties. I would say it was a “Clash of the Titans”. Of course that made me very curious and I went to those Steemians and their posts. Of course, everyone can have their preference and can vote/downvote anyone but it’s all about how fairly to distribute the re-ward poles. It is not possible to explain in one short post everything how the system, the reward poles working because you really need to go back to the roots and educate yourself, I have learnt a lot the only thing I felt sad about I feel that those two @blocktrades and @berniesanders who I assume were at early beginning and both would like the Steemit to grow and get wealthy, but due to that conflict I believe their relationship is not as before.
After this small introduction I would like to tell that I find these two Steemians are who I would probably to meet but not separately, I would like to bring them together, to talk face to face and if it is possible to bury the hatchet as we all want Steemit to grow and prosper.


Trenner groß.png

Thank you for reading my post, yours @stef1