Steemit Comment Connection Contest: 100 Steem in Prizes! #steemitconnection CHANGE

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Steemit is Social Media that pays


Connect through Comments and Earn Steem!

Steemit is Social Media that pays
But everyone’s attention is on author rewards
I think the post is saying : Hello!
I think the social part of media is the; Comment.
I create this contest about comments


The first step of this contest challenge is to make a comment!
The second step of this contest is to receive a reply to your comment! (That is considered ; Connection!)

The third step of this contest is to put a link to your comment in the comments below, the tag #steemitconnection only works in the tag box for posts. I thought I could search by tags, but that only works if the tag is also an account number!

So I can find your comment connection and reward it!
Contest runs for three days, ends September 3rd, 12 MN HST.

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No tag?
How do I find your entry?
Use Tag #steemitconnection

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Send Steem with #steemitconnection in memo field.

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I want to add your name here!

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I understand people’s reluctance to comment, but the value of the comment is that it gives you so much attention it can’t be overlooked.

I think commenting is the swiftest path to finding recognition and increased earnings in very large forest of anonymity and low earnings.



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[Picture Source: @cryptokannon]

Tags and Mentions



Tags increase project visibility, if you have tags to suggest, please add them in the comments below.


Mentions, The purpose of mentions is to request support for the project with upvotes or delegations.

If you can provide either it is appreciated.


@beautychicks , @focusnow
@tarpan, @toufiq777
@anroja, @ernaerningsih


You know, people attain satisfaction in different perspective.
Commenting for some people is serious work and they feel posting alone is okay for them or the blockchain.

i know people that struggle to write their introduction post. They even made attempt to write because it a one time write up, those people will never comment on any post

Commenting is what gives you the attention of the blockchain traffick and only few people know that

I understand people’s reluctance to comment, as you have said. I agree with you completely that the value of the comment gives you so much attention it can’t be overlooked. I think commenting is the swiftest path to finding recognition and increased earnings in very large forest of anonymity and low earnings.


You might not know this, but i got to know your account when you upvoted and commented on my post on the flower picture community.

boom i followed you. That how the connection begins and we'll continue to grow together.

I never knew this contest was available. I just went to my friends trending post and i saw it. Commenting is a spotlight we should embrace it with two hands

I love this story

Boom I followed you!

The "proof is in the pudding" another way of saying that the results prove the integrity of the method. Now Boom I will follow you!



I love this phrase:

Commenting is a spotlight we should embrace it with two hands

I love it!


Sure you can. It will be my pleasure.😊😊

Dear @lovveday, @shortsegments

Commenting for some people is serious work and they feel posting alone is okay for them or the blockchain.

I fully agree. However, it's important to realize that sentence "content is the king" is not valid any more.

There is just to many content creators vs content consumers. So those who are posting alone should be prepared, that noone will read their posts, noone will engage, noone will care. And noone will upvote their work.

It's simple as that. We shall not expect that someone out there will invest their own time into reading our stuff, if we do not want to do the same.


It's simple as that. We shall not expect that someone out there will invest their own time into reading our stuff, if we do not want to do the same.

You nailed it accurately. This is the whole summmary of any blog.

You are a straight up gangster, this sentence was the stone cold truth:

So those who are posting alone should be prepared, that noone will read their posts, noone will engage, noone will care. And noone will upvote their work.

That was cold, but so so true,

I also like this:

We shall not expect that someone out there will invest their own time into reading our stuff, if we do not want to do the same.

I mean that's almost the definition of selfishness, right?

We cannot expect others to do, what we are unwilling to do!

I am following you!



Hi @reply2win
Your comment is great!
And it made me smile.


hi @reply2win

You are a straight up gangster, this sentence was the stone cold truth:

I'm not native english speaker so it's hard for me if you said something good or awfuly bad about me lol

I surely do not feel like a gangster. I'm such a good mummy boy :P

It was all good. You speak the truth clearly, and sometimes the truth hurts. But if they wipe away their tears and think they will gain knowledge they need for success. It’s all good.

Hi @crypto.piotr
I agree with what your saying here.
We need to put in the same work as we expect from others.
It’s time to put the Social back in Social Media!


You put that very well:

Commenting is what gives you the attention of the blockchain traffick and only few people know that.

Great comment and spot on, you gotta be social in social media!



I agree people are too focused on making $$.

Making Connections will bring us closer together and share any rewards going forward

Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently

well said, surely we can all be friends and work together 😀


I agree, surely we can all be friends, work together and support each other.


I agree. The funny thing is you can get paid for comments and as the author you get 50%.
So I think we are missing an opportunity to both connect with each other and to earn rewards!


Steemit is a social Blockchain, engagement between blogers is very vital as it will provide a better blockchain, visibility and great friendship. I know of this first hand,I have been trying my best to comment but I believe my best is yet to come and I can do more- for the blockchain. So let's keep the comments and engagements coming.😁😁

I agree with you @whitestallion we need to connect in order to make our experience on the blockchain better. Lets connect .
#steemitconnection #steemalive

I'd like to see something like this ongoing. Engagement can open up a lot more than one-way communication regardless of how good the author and/or content might be. This holds more true over time as engagement leads to networking which leads to deeper insights and invested actions.

Perhaps it shall!
Your a winner in the Comment Contest, check your wallet
I have sponsored a new account called @reply2win
It will be all about rewarding engagement via comments


I think engagement builds networks of people engaged with each other, encouraging each other and supporting each other financially. It’s a form of self sufficiency which starts with a simple reply! Author rewards are great but curation and Comment awards add up also.



Wow, thats great idea.

I think the only best way we can work together is by showing each other love, by commenting and voting for each other.

Steemit is a great platform that needs love, unity and commitment. Hate speech, malice is not needed. So i advice everybody to bring out time to comment and vote for each other for the betterment of this platform and for our own good.

God bless the founder of this wonderful platform.


Thank you for your comment!

Am grateful to be part of this platform.

@shortsegments ... Brilliant effort and nice idea to connect all steemians by comenting and replying each other.


Thank you for your comment and your support.

A good initiative to connect people.
#steemitconnection #steemalive

Pleasure mine :)

bro your doing amazing, i love this contest. You will find me in #steempakistan with the tag of #steemconnection, and also many other communities...

I think this is a good idea.

I understand people’s reluctance to comment, but the value of the comment gives you so much attention it can’t be overlooked.
I think commenting is the swiftest path to finding recognition and increased earnings in very large forest of anonymity and low earnings.


Hello dear @shortsegments, what a great initiative, congratulations.

I have been following you and your way of promoting the platform seems very original and effective, I really like it.

Now, promoting engagement and interaction among the users of this platform is an initiative that all influential steem accounts should begin to implement.

Thanks friend!


Hola feliz día me parece una gran iniciativa, llegue a aquí es porque me la paso revisando la plataforma y visitando algunos post, me encanta leer y comenta es una forma de intercambiar idea y conocer a otras personas, he visto que hay muy buenos escritores. Somos de Venezuela.


Hola amiga, este es un mar amplio y es gratificante encontrar iniciativas sencillas como esta que nos invitan a interactuar y a conocer los miembros de la comunidad, excelente iniciativa.
Un gusto saludarte, un abrazo.

Al amigo @shortsegments felicitaciones por su propuesta, si bien es cierto que la monetizacion mueve al mundo, lo que lo mantiene con vida es la conexion entre los seres humanos. Gracias. Le deseo mucho exito.


Thank you, I translate to share:
Hello, how are you? It seems to me a wonderful initiative since this allows us to interact with all the users of the community and share great experiences.

Hi @genomil
Thank you. I am glad people like this initiative. I have my work cut out for me now.

Actually, people are delighted whenever it comes to making money online, more especially $$ and its also obvious that in platform like steemit people usually get discouraged because most at times their articles don't usually have the outcome of their test. And i observed that the major cause of this problem is lack of engagement and consistency.

i believe in engagements, and it can be achieved by doing things like which is reading through other peoples article and then dropping some comments relative to the article. That's the best way to stay connected.


You've spoken well @bright-obias engagement and consistency is key. Not only creating contents but also appreciating other steemians contents through comnenting, upvoting and resteeming there by creating connections. The more connected we are on steemit the faster we grow influence and earn.
#steemitconnection #steemalive

That's correct @njiatanga with this mentality we'll fly higher

Hi @bright-obias
Thank you for your comment and sharing your thoughts.



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Thank you for the gift

Estoy deacuerdo, me he dado cuenta que es muy poco lo que se comenta y votan y solo se esta en la espera de que @steemcurator01 nos voten y no me parece que sea una manera dinámica sana para steemit . Ganamos todos cuando interactuamos y compartimos nuestra opinión y sobre todo se le da más valor a steemit. Bueno no sé, soy nueva aquí, pero pienso que debería ser así... #steemconnection


Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :))

This is very true and I really support this initiative, because we can engaged with other through comments get to know each other make new friends grow together! Thank you for the mention @juanmolina and @shortsegments

Your welcome. Thank you for your comment.

Proposing to use #steemitconnection as a label to encourage engagement and user interaction is a lot of fun, and a great idea I guess you're going to have a huge job in the next few days, I will personally comment on it among my contacts, I am This will surely bring good results and will also motivate many people; and I also hope you continue to promote this great initiative.

What a good job, congratulations!

Thank you, I just realized I made a mistake. I thought I could search the comments by mention #tag, but it doesn’t work, so I had to change the rules !

Hola como esta, me parece una maravillosa iniciativa ya que esto nos permite interactuar con todos los usuarios de la comunidad y compartir grandes experiencias.


That is a good idea!
Sometimes the people have much work with their posts and there is no feedback...


I know and that’s terrible. I think no comments is spirit crushing. I am glad you agree and thanks for commenting!
My new motto is #reply2win

You are very active on Steemit.
That is nice!
Thank you!


I think it is an interesting way to learn about people all over the world and help them out also with money, the one thing people need besides encouragement is money . Steemit gives us the chance to do both!


That is true, but for me the point is: I don't want to sit everyday hours in the net.....I want to many times I read a little bit, but I don't comment.....


Me parece una buena iniciativa. La conexión entre todos en el blog es muy importante. De hecho quizás sea el eslabón más fuerte de la cadena.

Ahora bien.... Considero que hay que tener cuidado cuando se saca una conclusión sobre la poca participación que tenemos algunos miembros en Steem. Considero que no se puede concluir que, algunos como yo, no participamos solo por estar pendiente de publicar nada mas para obtener dividendos.

Si es verdad que para la mayoría de los participantes en el blog, como primera intención, es lograr algo de recursos económicos para uso personal no es este el único motivo o el motivo principal para dejar de comentar.

Habemos quienes , lamentablemente, tenemos limitaciones técnicas al poseer máquinas muy viejas y lentas que nos dificultan interactuar de manera como quisiéramos o deberíamos.

Hay quienes como yo tienen limitaciones de conexión a la red por poseer en el país un servicio que no da la talla para poder conectarnos de manera "normal".
Quizás sea dos de los muchos motivos por el cual no se interactúa de manera eficiente.

Considero que antes de sacar una conclusión se debe averiguar cuál o cuáles son los motivos por lo cual las personas miembros del blog no interactúan de manera en la que se espera lo hagan.

Espero no molestar con mi comentario.

Gracias por el apoyo y por crear iniciativas como esta.

Hasta la proxima...


Thank you very much for your comment. I translate it to share your good ideas!

You wrote:

It seems like a good initiative. The connection between everyone on the blog is very important. In fact, it may be the strongest link in the chain.

Now ... I think you have to be careful when drawing a conclusion about the low participation that some members have in Steem. I believe that it cannot be concluded that, some like me, we do not participate just because we are waiting to publish anything else to obtain dividends.

If it is true that for most of the participants in the blog, as a first intention, it is to obtain some economic resources for personal use, this is not the only reason or the main reason to stop commenting.

There are some of us who, unfortunately, have technical limitations by having very old and slow machines that make it difficult for us to interact in the way we want or should.

There are those like me who have network connection limitations because they have a service in the country that does not measure up to be able to connect in a "normal" way.
Perhaps it is two of the many reasons why you do not interact efficiently.

I believe that before drawing a conclusion, it is necessary to find out what or what are the reasons why the people who are members of the blog do not interact in the way in which they are expected to do so.

I hope not to bother with my comment.

Thank you for your support and for creating initiatives like this one.

Until next time...

This demonstrates the importance of perspective.
Thank you

Gracias a usted por darme la oportunidad de expresar mis ideas, inquietudes y pensamientos. Con esta iniciativa se siente que uno es escuchado. Espero logres buenos frutos con ella.

Gracias por el apoyo.

Hasta la proxima...


This happens to be one of all limitations as other will also express theirs in their own branding

Estoy de acuerdo con tu posición @theatrorve a veces me cuesta ponerme al tanto .
En steemit hay gente de todas las edades me sorprende ver post de personas mayores la verdad que estan mas activos que uno quizas justamente porque tienen mas tiempo.

La realidad es que en steemit yo consegui una opcion para ganarme algo ...
Hay ciertos grupos en los cuales uno se siente mas cómodo... gente que es similar a ti.. que comparte tus gustos tus valores . Es la realidad podemos ser tolerantes pero somos así nos gusta estar cerca de gente parecida a uno o con los mismos gustos y valores que uno...

Tengo un trabajo como cosa rara no me alcanza para mis gastos, asi que busco todas las formas de hacer trabajos extra para cubrir esos gastos y emergencias... el internet muchas veces no me colabora . Ultimamente se ha hecho una odisea subir una simple foto de 1 mb...... ¬¬ . Personalmente pienso que steemit deberia tener una seccion aparte para mostar los chats de preguntas frecuentes, ya que aveces las reglas de los concursos son unas cuantas y por falta de tiempo y el recurso limitado un simple post a veces se vuelve problematico. Y bueno deberia haber mas flexibilidad con el tema del tiempo de los concursos. Muchas veces veo un concurso y ya esta vencido

Me gustaría que cada vez que sube un post poder subir dos o tres imágenes para hacer mejor ejemplo de lo que digo pero mi velocidad de internet solo me deja subir una imagen a la vez..... ¬¬

Es a lo que me refiero @lismarcarolina.

No es que uno no quiera comentar, apoyar o participar en las diversas actividades que ofrece el blog., simplemente uno está limitado tanto tecnológicamente como por otras circunstancia.

No quiere que suene que busco un excusa para justificar mi poca participación, pero es una realidad que existe y que se que hay muchos, no solamente en Venezuela, que les pasa esto.

Gracias por el apoyo.

Hasta la proxima...


I translate your post:

I agree with your position @theatrorve sometimes I have a hard time catching up.
In steemit there are people of all ages. I am surprised to see the post of older people, the truth is that they are more active than one, perhaps precisely because they have more time.
The reality is that in steemit I got an option to earn something ...
There are certain groups in which one feels more comfortable ... people who are similar to you ... who share your tastes and your values. It is the reality we can be tolerant but we are like that we like to be around people similar to one or with the same tastes and values ​​as one ...
I have a job as a strange thing, it does not reach me for my expenses, so I look for all the ways to do extra work to cover those expenses and emergencies ... the internet often does not help me. Lately it has been an odyssey to upload a simple 1 mb photo ...... ¬¬. Personally, I think that steemit should have a separate section to show the chats of frequently asked questions, since sometimes the rules of the contests are few and due to lack of time and the limited resource, a simple post sometimes becomes problematic. And well there should be more flexibility with the subject of the time of the contests. Many times I see a contest and it is already overdue
I would like that every time I upload a post I can upload two or three images to make a better example of what I say but my internet speed only allows me to upload one image at a time ..... ¬¬

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.
Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos y sentimientos con nosotras.

I understand people’s reluctance to comment, and now realize that for some people, it’s not technologically easy to reply. I learned new perspective today.


wave @shortsegments
I would not have thought of this activity. It is very good. The key to the connections on this platform are the comments, they are the ones that end up giving meaning to the publications, it is through them that they tell us if the message we wanted to give has really arrived, congratulations on this initiative.


Hello @josevas217
Thank you for your comment.

Commenting is an important aspect in Steemit.It makes the writer to know that people actually read the post.
Commenting also helps to get followers.For instance,once someone comments on my post,I reply and follow the person immeadiately.

Thank you for your comment

Todo lo que motiva y hace crecer al ser humano es un logro inconmensurable, crear posibilidades en los concursos es encontrarnos sin distancias con los talentos que pueden ofrecer calles vivas en callejones ciegos #steemitconnection gracias por eso.

Thank you for your comment

you are absolutely right, comments determine connections amongts bloggers.
Tags call for attentions

I have few tags they are:

Hi @marydexplorer
Thanks for your comment
The tags are a good idea, mentions are good too.
I use both @reply2win and #reply2win

Holy Moses. I came in and saw More than 200 comments. So I was wondering if my own comment Will ever be visited. But then, it is also fun to know that Many people wants money, Just like I myself. But I will be glad if More of This type of challenge will come up. And I also will be glad if someone can help me to know how to increase my sales when I publish my book later this year. Because as an upcoming author, I have no idea on how to maximize and Make profit from my book.


Hi @emmanuelgreatest
I understand what you mean.
Whenever I reply to @steemitblogs posts I wonder the same thing! Ha Ha
But your post was noticed!
There are people who advertise their books on their posts.
Good Luck

It will help to engage people too.
Nice contest

Dear @shortsegments

Thanks for sharing link to your contest with me. Already upvoted and resteemed (I've shared it also on our community telegram and discord - hopefully it will bring some extra traffic).

Yours, Piotr

Hi @crypto.pior

Thank you for your upvote and your support

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