Steemit- one BIG family / promotional video for Steemit communities

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I promised to my dear Steemit friends to make video for all Steemit national communities, so i did it !
You will see in video there are so many empty squares in witch I would like to implement logos of your national community.


All logos are made by the Steemit members, witch never stop to amaze with their collegiality, collaboration, kindness, unity, friendship and good intentions. This initiative I started 10 days ago and Is a real proof of that.

See how much we have already done;
I am very grateful to all the authors on their work and contribution.

@rossenpavlov did great job making identity logo for BULGARIA Steemit community
@konti did great job making identity logo for GERMANY Steemit community
@ konti.png
@oendertuerk, @steemit.turkey did great job making identity logo for TURKEY Steemit community
@circuitshark did a great job making identity logo for USA Steemit community
@paolobeneforti did a great job making identity logo for ITALY Steemit community
@johano did great job making identity logo for ESPERANTO Steemit community
@nedhudla did a great job making identity logo for AUSTRIA Steemit community
@freshstuff did a great job making identity logo for LATVIA Steemit community
@fisteganos did a great job making identity logo for NIGERIA Steemit community
@hopehuggs did a great job making identity logo for UNITEDKINGDOM Steemit community
@ihamid did a great job making identity logo for OMAN Steemit community
@ihamid OMAN.png
@urielromeo did a great job making TWO identity logoS for ITALY and ARGENTINA Steemit communitIes
argentina @urielromeo.png
@olegw This one is my suggestion for Croatia Steemit community. Made redisign with less squares. Thans to suggestion of @pepe.maya

Thank you, my dear friends.

Many thanks for help @noisy admin in Steemit Chat POLISH, waiting for your community logo :)
Many thanks for your remarks @firepower admin in Steemit Chat INDIA, waiting for your community logo:)
Many thanks for your engagement @flurgx , @enterg , @maryfavour
@ptytrader waiting for PANAMA logo
@skapaneas waiting for yours GREECE logo
@tarekadam waiting yours NETHERLAND logo
@ducky9605 waiting for yours HONG KONG logo
@brakan waiting for yours NORWAY logo

Make your national community present in this project. I would like to invite you to create a logo with your national characteristics. This is a good chance to connetct and to interact with other community members. For me it was great expiriance to interact with many diferent steemit community members and become friend with them.

Is nice to see how Steemit is growing and how it spreads across the countries. Be creative and feel free to post your vision of your national community logo.
These results are really encouraging and they push me to go further to the goal !
Here you can find out about the initiative
Sequence 010.jpg

So far we have gathered the logo identities for 13 countries. CROATIA, USA, BULGARIA, ITALY, TURKEY, GERMANY, ESPERANTO . AUSTRIA. OMAN , ARGENTINA , LATVIA , UK , NIGERIA.
We can do even bather ;)
Am I right?


This looks amazing Oleg! I can't wait to see it fill in some more. You keep hitting bull's-eye with your quality

Tkank you my dear friend, I will never forget that your logo design was first.

Im incredibly honored to be participating, you're bringing some seriously vital polish to steemit's arsenal :) this stuff is great and really valuable for progress

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Excellent job. Looks brilliant. We are indeed a global community on here.

Most likely we will try it !!!

Ty I be happy to have you with us

We are also very, we are very happy to join either our community !!!!

i will followe you!!!

Amazing man , love to see also my design there. Cheers 🙂



Ty :) This new Turkey logo witch you presented few days ago, do you want me to use that one or the present logo?