Steemit National community identity (logo branding) initiative (26-original logos made by the Steemit mebers)

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This initiative is to engage Steemit members from different countries to create their National community logo with the characteristics of their flag or countries. The idea is to show diversity of Steemit communities and at the same time the unity of its members.
All logos are made by Steemit members

UKRAINE by @scrodinger

FRANCE by @xenorph

MEXICO by @alainite

AUSTRALIA by @headlessjess

OMAN by @ihamid

ARGENTINA by @urielromeo

AUSTRIA by @nedhudla

BULGARIAby @rossenpavlov

CROATIA by @olegw

ESPERANTO by @johano

GERMANY by @konti

INDONESIA by @nawir

ITALIA by @urielromeo

KOREA by @alainite

LATVIA by @freshstuff

USA by @circuitshark

NIGERIA by @fisteganos

SOUTH AFRICA by @alainite

NIGERIA by @deanmno

ITALY by @paolobeneforti

SLOVAKIA by @joewantsfreedom

THAILAND by @loooping

SLOVENIA by @ervin-lemark

TURKEY by @oendertuerk, @steemit.turkey

SUDAN by @araki

UK by @hopehuggs

The project is still in the stage of gathering logos, when new logo designs come, I will update the video.
If is possible I would like that this video will be displayed in Portugal SteemFest II .
These are at least my hopes and desires.

Make your national community present in this project. I would like to invite you to create a logo with your national characteristics. This is a good chance to connect and to interact with other community members. For me it was great experience to interact with many different Steemit community members and become friend with them.

Waiting for your Steemit community logo :)
Good luck!


Wonderful logos. I created one for Pakistan. Do upvote and resteem

Great; looks great,Thank you🙂

oh... my logo was here, thank you )) cool post and amazing video!

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It is great

thank you:)

Great post !!
Thank you very much for your time and informations amaizing video !!! 😎
I also shared on Facebook too to spread the word and support this great community here at steemit ... 😃✌
Best regards from Cologne Germany my name is Lars @laloelectrix

Nice to meet you Lars, thank you for your help :) Hope will stay in touch.

What a great collection of logs! Congratulations and thank you!
You gain my upvote without any doubt! 🙂

May I use the one you created for Croatia?

Hi, @ana-maria, nice to meet you:) Thank you for support.
Yes of course you can use my logo design for any purpose;)

WOW! - Thank you very much, @olegw! 🙂
Appreciated a lot!