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Join us for another round of discussions later today.

We will take some topics in chat and in voice. See you there!

Steemit Community Discussions, on Discord

Below is the same information from the first announcement, with some slight changes for the date/time.


SCD is a place to share questions, concerns, issues, ideas and visions for where we each want to go on Steemit, and were we want Steemit to go. This will promote more clarity and cooperation through common understanding, helping us to see where we are all headed on Steemit, both individually and as a community. We can envision more ideas for the community and the platform going into the future.

There are two general categories of how to look at Steemit: Platform and Community.

Steemit Platform - The coding functionality that we are automatically functioning by.

Ideas for questions and discussion regarding functionality that's part of the code:

what works well, what doesn't work well, what would be good to change, why something should change, why something can't change, etc.

Steemit Community - The behavior of individuals and the overall community on Steemit.

Ideas for questions and discussion regarding how we make use of the functionality:

what we post, what we curate, what are we creating, what are we developing, where are we taking the community and platform, what direction are we headed

The previous questions could also apply here: what works well, what doesn't work well, what would be good to change, why something should change, why something can't change, etc.


Anyone can come by to listen and/or join in the discussion. Valid objections and arguments are welcome, so long as they move things forward in understanding, not sideways or backwards. As such, trolls and abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Questions and statements can be given to provide topics of discussion. Each topics can be discussed for a certain amount of time if there are more people who want to ask questions or talk about a subject. If a question or statement takes up too much time and prevents other people from engaging, moderators/hosts will move the conversation along to others. If no one else has anything to say, then the previous conversation can continue until someone does.

Don't mistake this for a "newbie hangout", if you are new to Steemit. We won't be guiding people through all the facets of Steemit.


Steemit Community Discussions, on Discord

Date and Time

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

2pm EST
11am PST
7pm UCT
7pm GMT


About an 1 hour, no set time exactly. Possibility of changing in the future.

Thanks for reading and providing us with your attention. Maybe we will "see" you there ;)


2017-01-03, 7:06am

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I missed it last time and had to listen to it on soundcloud.
hopefully this time I can make it

I am still only halfway through the first episode!

In future shows, maybe use Soundcloud to annotate when topics are changing or covered also.

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