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The Steemit City team proudly presents our main website:

What's the current status of the project?

We are working hard to complete a development environment and finding the right starting villa for the Steemit City project. The website will expand with more detailed information regarding visa requirements, costs, and projects. We are also looking for people to join us in Siem Reap and help us build out Steemit City. All nationalities are welcome in Cambodia!

How does it work?

Simple! You hop on a plane to Cambodia, get a visa on arrival, and we'll pick you up from the airport. The cost of living in Steem City will be around $350/month for the accomodation, internet, electricity, and water. Food and drink are not included in the price. So why not take a cheap vacation to Steemit City? You can stay for as long as you like!

What's next?

We are still on target with our roadmap and hope to get the first phase villa in 1-2 months. We are constantly on the lookout for real estate opportunities. The field research for connectivity and redundancy has been completed. Once we have the required funding we are good to go! More practical information on how to join Steem City, how to get to Cambodia, and the projects we are working are coming soon!

Signing off,
@menta, @faddat, @rampant
The Steemit City Team


Great to see more projects like this sprouting up! I've been working on a new start-up community project for two years now in Chile. Not just for steem users but geared towards entrepreneurs, makers, and freelancers in general. Let me know if you'd ever like to compare notes sometime. We've learned a lot along the way and are always happy to help others along the same path. :)

Hey guys!
I joined the Mumble server, but couldn't find your channel. Do you have a channel on Looking for ways to get in touch. You can always DM me on .chat @rubellitefae

Amazing idea! One of the best parts would be living in community with likeminded people.

Yeah-but-no-but, seriously. I will almost definitely be among the first wave of migrants.

What an exciting idea! I wish you the utmost success on your project, and I think it'd be fun if my boyfriend @piedpiper and I stopped by there to visit someday in the future.

Wow, what a great idea! I hope you get the support you need to make this a reality!

Interesting, and maybe we can use this for our international trips :-) We will be following you for sure.

Feel free to come over! Life is pretty nice here!

I really like this idea, and I want to eventually start up a project like this in Bulgaria. Particularly in the north, there is a lot of villages that have been completely abandoned. Finding the suitable location would be the first puzzle, but I think it would be really cool, call it the Steem Village, get investors together to buy or make arrangements with the title holders, well, find them first, and organise to get a really fat connection hooked up to it, but more or less, along the same lines, just a little bigger in scale, and add in some eco-village type stuff, and workshops, not just computers but also other tech type stuff, research etc.

It's something I am going to do, and it would make sense to get others involved. I look forward to seeing how this project progresses, and what problems you come up against and how you solve them.

This seems extremely interesting. With living expenses that cheap it would be possible for people to really focus in on building their blog up and collaborating with other users.

This is one of the main reasons we are building this concept. Living here is cheap and with minimal government interference.

I expect there will be more projects like this, in every place where government is weak and there is ample real estate to do such things. You got me thinking that when I have the resources to scout out a suitable location, I will start one myself.

if you want to be in Europe, talk to @razvanelulmarin, I think that he'll be doing a in Bucharest

I see this username, and it makes me think of the bulgarian word 'razvulnuvan' - to be thrilled - well, in Bulgarian and in Russian. Razvanelul, and marin, this reads like romanian to me, they use '-ul' where russians and ukrainians use -om, and bulgarians use -ut or -ata/ite/eto (instead of having a 'the' type word in front). I never studied romanian that much, but I grasped well enough that some of my bulgarian would help me get it quicker.

I didn't like Bucharest tho. But maybe that was just because I was homeless and penniless when I was there. Every time I walked around a corner looking for somewhere I could just go have a snooze, BAM up comes some security guard. I was jumping at shadows. Timishoara was a much nicer city than Bucharest.

Well, maybe in time we can do something here in Bulgaria too. It would be awesome to have a network of them all over the world. Here in bulgaria, we could even maybe scrape together a whole village, since so many, especially in the north, are empty (182!).

The idea of using an empty village to build the future is deeply compelling. Please let me know how we can support your interpretation of!

Well, I am not in any position to find out, and I already did a little research to learn about where the empty villages are, but the person who did the research to find out, and reported their numbers, and made a graphic, never got back to me when I asked. But I expect that the relevant bulgarian ministry in charge of census and tax registrations can probably provide the necessary information to find out where these places are.

I would guess that probably there is more than a few in Romania as well.

The idea is not so original, really, I originally coined a name for it, the "Free Village Project", derived from the Free State Project. The idea was to have a proving ground for a pure anarchocapitalist private law type situation. Well, I guess is sorta like, and then add cryptocurrency, and steem.

The puzzle is in finding out how much it will cost at given locations that are found, per what you get, the benefits of the particular location, and the obstacles that have to be dealt with. It should not be difficult, in most cases, to persuade the land title holders to get something rather than nothing for their, probably now fully gypsy-stripped old villas and shops and such, and there will also be the issue of negotiating with the relevant 'authority' who owns the roads, plumbing and the central government building that almost all villages have.

So it's not a small project. First to find it, then to find out who owns it, then to negotiate a sale to acquire enough of it to get the project launched, to find the people who want to invest... I'd think maybe 5-10 million dollars would be a starting point somewhere around that. Your project is more modest in costs and so forth, but I think that maybe, with time, this village idea could go somewhere. The trick is to have a ready resource that can be produced in this place. Obviously, there is plenty of nature and old buildings to be had. But we can also set up servers and miners, and maybe eco stuff as well, energy generation will be an issue for this.

A true anarchocapitalist, cryptoagorist/anarchist little village. It is a nice dream. I hope someday it is realised, and demonstrates the benefit of the way we do things here :)

I would find out first why these villages were abandoned? Did a disease plague everyone? Is there many earthquakes, flooding, volcanoes etc. Not trying to be a bummer! Just saying! Lol! I think its a great idea yhough! 😄😉

Among all the initiatives I have come across here, I single this out as the most daring! I am following this keenly and will drop by one day. Best of luck for a project which could turn out to be the mecca of steem!

It won't be the last such project either. I will find a village nearby Plovdiv, that has been abandoned, and attempt to do the same thing, at some point. Bulgaria has the dubious distinction of having perhaps the greatest number of empty villages in the world. Here is another place that could do very well out of such a project, as well as its' promoters.

Thanks Norbu, you're more than welcome for a visit! :)

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