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For several years we have been slowly revealing what the Mark of the Beast really is; only providing the information you were prepared to receive, because it is not easy to understand and accept the fullness of its reality.

We have explained some of its history, as well as some of its systemic necessity, but now it's time to reveal it entirely.

As some of you have already surmised, the Mark of the Beast is the New World Monetary System, and GODcoin is at the center of it.
GODcoin is the transactional descriptive name for the gold-backed digital monetary operating system that is about to take over the world's blockchain... Each unit/coin within the operating system is a "RAEL", and no one will be able to buy or sell without using digital gold RAELs.

For a very long time, Christians have been preaching that the Mark of the Beast was something evil and something to be avoided at all costs... They did not know what they were speaking of.

The second beast of Revelation 13 is Lord Ra-El, and any true theologian knows that the Bible uses the word "beast" to describe leaders, not to disparage them, so the Lord is called the "Lamb", which is a beast.

Because some of the translations of the New Testament are incorrect, most Christians mistakenly believe that "The Antichrist" arrives and stamps people on the forehead with "666", just before taking them to Hell... This is obviously not true. It is instead the Lord who creates a monetary system that eliminates crime by tracking and tracing all financial transactions, thus removing the ability to commit most money-based crimes... Without the ability to commit crimes motivated by money, nearly all crime quickly disappears.

The system incorporates the digital gold RAEL monetary unit of exchange with the standard 666-based barcode system, invisibly marked upon a person's forehead or hand, which is linked to their universal credit/debit account, so they do not need to carry a purse or wallet, but can transact any business with a simple scan that cannot be falsified... Thus, no one can buy or sell without this mark upon them, or the number of his name, which is the amount of digital currency (RAELs) within their account.

People will earn this currency by working for The Crown, or Crown licensed private companies... The currency will be valid for all legal purchases, including purchasing leaves from the Tree of Life (Revelation 22:2) to remain alive and healthy while in service to The Crown.

But after the Lord takes his throne, you should expect to lose the ability to invest in GODcoin/RAELs, because it will become a utilitarian currency for wage-earners, as opposed to an investment with extremely large returns (Revelation 3:18).

Now that you understand the functionality of the Mark of the Beast, let's explore the proper interpretation of the scriptures that speak of it...

Revelation 13 (Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition) describes two beasts, one that comes out of the sea (Galilee), which is meant to be Yeshua emerging after his baptism, with many crowns/diadems representing the many positions of rulership he has held, but one of those crowns is the "crown of thorns" representing the death and resurrection and healing of his wounds.

The chapter goes on to speak of how the dragon (Satan) gave him power, and through this, placing upon his head the name of blasphemy ("Jesus"), and causing him to blasphemy and fight against God and the Saints... Obviously Yeshua did not do this, but Satan's representation of him as Jesus, through the blasphemous Roman Catholic Church and its teachings, and it's false prophet, the Pope, did do this.

So the dragon was adored and made more powerful through his representation of Yeshua as Jesus, and the world marveled after him, specifically the Gentiles, those who were not written into the Book of Life, but who instead created a blasphemous Jesus-religion, while forgetting that Yeshua was a rabbi dedicated to restoring the tribes of Israel (Matthew 15:24).

Then Revelation 13 goes on to tell about the second beast who is Lord Ra-El, exercising his power and authority in the likeness of the first beast, Yeshua, calling fire down from the sky, and causing all people to accept the New World Monetary System.

Revelation 15 (New Matthew Bible) speaks of those who gained the VICTORY OF THE BEAST/Lord Ra-El (not over him), standing by what is clearly a sea of molten glass like you would expect from a nuclear war or a meteorite impact.

So as you can see, the Mark of the Beast is an essential part of the New Kingdom, and it is the way through which those who do not make it into the inner Kingdom, still have a way to live and provide service to The Crown.



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It's great to have the truth out about this!

Quite a fascinating perspective to gain on this!

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