Because of my health problems, I decided to Challenge myself to do a Fast for two weeks. I chose the duration to see how far I could push myself in Fasting. I made a step by step format of what I was going to reach for.
The first step was to do the normal 4 days.
The second step was to reach the 7th day.
The third step to reach the 10th day.
The fourth and final step to reach the 14th day.

This is my diary of what happened during the Fast. I will include pictures. My start date was the Sunday the 18th Aug at 10pm. I was to finish on the Sunday the 1st Sept at 10pm.


Day 1

Day 1 to Day 4
This went as normal with those days. But because I`ve done up to 4 before it was easier for me to reach the 4th day. Usual sweating and a slight raising of body temp. But no dizzy heads. Usual dryness of the throat etc.


Day 5
Into the Fifth day and things are still going ok. Did start to feel the fuzziness. I am starting to feel the difference in my body as its never been past 4 days before. Had my first stomach ache but that is fairly normal for going past 4 days. It lasted quite some time so had to rest. I had to try and do things to take my mind off it. Like watching movies or reading or playing a game etc.

Day 6
Rested most of the day to take my mind off the Fast. The stomach ache went for a while. I also felt a bit irritable inside. Had my first headache too which annoyed me last night.


Day 7
Second marker reached and I have made it so pleased Ive got this far. I am seeing the difference with my face and felt more energy in the morning. Unsure how I am going to be rest of the Day. Im sweating like mad today as its hot which doesnt help. It is making me feel dizzy and fuzzy-headed. I'm trying to keep cool with the fan. . had a slight headache this morning but thats gone
Having bad cravings for food isn't helping at all. Trying to keep myself relaxed and cool.
I am feeling that I should call it a day on the Fast as I have done well and finish on my eighth day.
Made a post to the Flock to let them know I've decided to finish on the 8th day. Feeling low and it is like I am struggling to think and I feel tired. The Hot weather is not helping me at all. Feeling drained inside. My stomach is complaining and making noises.

Day 8
Woke up feeling better inside. So sat and thought about how close I am to my next marker of the 10th day and only 6 days away from the finish line.
Made a post comment to flock as I will carry on as best I can. Rested for a few hours away from the heat, blocked the room light and fan on full blast. That seemed to help.
Had a couple of dizzy spells today. Think I got up too fast so I will have to just take my time and be more steady on my feet.
Day 9
Oh boy! Woke up at 3 am feeling sick and light headed. Sat up in bed trying to stop myself from being sick, trying to get my mind off it. Took me over an hour to overcome the sickness.
I don`t feel 100% today. Feeling zapped and dizzy. Nausea is coming and going. Woke up late because I wanted to have extra rest. I am feeling drained unfocused.
I've taken photo shots of my stomach before and to today. You can see the difference in the shape now of how much I have lost.

belly shots first and last.jpg

I am really chuffed about this.



Because of the sickness and dizziness I have been advised to now come off my Fast. I will do so but once it gets to 10pm tonight the 27th Aug which is the end of my 9th day. Therefore, reaching the third marker of the 10th day.
So it is now 3pm in the Afternoon and I have 7 hours and the Fast will be completed. I made the 3rd marker of my Fast Challenge and gone further than I could possibly expect. I am happy to have had the support from the Clergy and the Flock of the Lord whilst doing this Challenge. Yes, I nearly gave up at the second marker but with pushing on I've made it to the third.
I wish to thank everyone for your support and I could not have done this without you all.
I Love you all very much.
I will be at 10pm tonight slowly coming off the Fast.
Once again,
Thank you.
Cardinal Samantha Kennedy.



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Really great job, sister!!

That is an exceptional challenge to complete 9 full days with no food or water, well done sister.

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