Judas Priest concertgoers heard the Gospel last night in Tulsa

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to engage the culture with the Gospel of Jesus, using the methods and means that Jesus Himself, along with the prophets and apostles He sent out throughout human history, employed to reach them. When large crowds of people who need the Gospel come together in one place, go to that place! Give them the Gospel!

How else will they hear? Relatively few people in today's culture go to Sunday church services. Of those who go, very few will hear even so much as a simple but accurate presentation of how to be born again, let alone anything resembling a true message of repentance and commitment to walk with the Lord as a disciple of His.

That means it is up to you and me to bring the Gospel seed and spread it far and wide. Get out there and make contact. Thousands of people die every day - have they heard the good news of Jesus the Messiah and the offer of freedom from sin and salvation from the just judgment and wrath of God?



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