- Now WTF?

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The load balancing is in place so we should see a two times performance increase. Now that the infrastructure is in place I should be able to seemlessly add capacity as we grow.

I know it's been rough the last few weeks with all the down time but I think we're in a much better position now to handle another uptick in users.

Steem On!


Evening Folks,

We outgrew the previous server and have moved to a new one. This server will be a good home but requires a more complex configuration to load balance multiple instances of the nodejs process.

I am working hard to get it complete and hope to have it up this soon (tm).

James aka Riverhead.

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Awesome @riverhead! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A lot of people use and appreciate the chat.
Therefore, we appreciate all you are doing. 🙏☺️😉

Hope it's not too much of a headache and time consumer to work out!

Steem on 🐳


It's feast and famine :). I go weeks or months without having to do anything and then Steem goes to $2 hahah.


But now I'm not able to run
I don't know what's going on !!
Can you tell me something ? @riverhead

It's has been under heavy load for like forever :(

Cool. Sent you a message on there, actually, @riverhead.


Received. Great to hear!

Success to you in your work.

There has been a lot of downtime lately, and I'm sure it's frustrating for a lot of people. Do you think we'll have close to 100% uptime after this new server is properly configured?


That has always been the goal, yes.


With the new configuration I am really hoping to have a much more stable setup. I am with you 100% that the downtimes are frustrating for everyone. We are working hard to create a more robust platform.


Glad to hear. Btw, do you think you'll make it to Lisbon in November?


So far I am a go for Lisbon :).

You talk about Chat ???

Well, I encourage you, regards.

Thanks! Can't wait for the new chat to be up and running. Miss connecting with my Steemit friends on it. :) Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Resteeming to let my down line know.

Thanks for the update.

Keep at it. It is a valuable resource to many of us and it is still my chat of choice (sorry discord folks). Thanks @riverhead for keeping us updated.


Thanks papa-pepper. The discord chat isn't for everyone but I'm glad its there. It's a different vibe from Variety being the spice of life and all that.


Oh yeah. I'm over there too, I just prefer the rocket-chat... after all, it'll take a rocket to get to the moon!

Fantastic! Was wondering what was going on!

yea its been frustrating not having chat but I really appreciate your hard work on not just this but all you do for the Steemit Community. You are appreciated.

Awesome Riverhead, thank you... this is why I vote for you as a witness!

Hardware requirements mainly memory keep growing. Fewer people can allow to them self to run a note. Not sure it sustainable over the long run.

That's nice to hear because I miss to check my #mammasittas channel

I hope you know how much you are appreciated.

Thanks a lot I've discovered the Steemit chat yesterday and I really like it very much :D Really appreciate it

@riverhead, I've wondered why Steemit chat is not directly embedded into A new platform which could combine both social media and blogging could challenge Steemit, please let us know of what you think >

@riverhead this is a good news... thanks.
its ready now or it is on process ?

@riverhead FYI: My article proposing a fix for the SP Delegation Loophole. Hope it helps. Followed. Voted!


FYI - Just posted this article.

Analysis of Steem's Economy - A Social Scientist's First Impressions - Part 3/4 in the series.

hi, I voted you as my witness, wish you help increase my rank , thank you .

Hi @riverhead, just to let you know, I am following you and voted you as my WITNESS. I am quite new here and I would also appreciate if you could comment on what you think of my last post :)

you doing great dear... keep up the good work and thanks for helping me achieve my first milestone on steemit where i mentioned your efforts in my blog...of today

Hey man sent ya a message on Let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help out. I'm well versed with cloud systems administration.

Wheres the infrastructure? AWS?

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