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The earnings sound good, but when reading your website, it sounds like we pay for the bot, then you tell us which sites to go to and run the bot against? Then we have to do the legwork of exchanging the crypto to convert it to Steem/Hive? It seems like a service that says "Just go here, here, here, here, and here, and you'll find what you are looking for" Wouldn't it be easier/better for everyone if you created the bot, set the bot(s) up on the websites and then separate tiers? You could say for $5 a month you'll run the bot on 10 faucets/ads/etc, for $10 a month, you'll run them on 30 faucets/adds/etc, etc etc.? Once a month, or twice daily, or whatever, you could have the bots convert the claims directly into steem/hive?


Well this is strange, I'd written a 300+ word reply and it hasn't shown up.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to find a method that would allow us to offer that service. The bot requires windows and a unique IP address that is not a proxy nor VPN as the earning sites will block otherwise. The cost of doing this through the methods we could find work out too expensive, you'd be left with 1 Steem / Hive per day.

If you're aware of any method we could use to enable as you say manage user accounts etc then please, please let us know, we'd love to be able to offer that as it would be much more simplified for the end users.

At the moment you only need to set up the bot once, add in the credits, then add as many or as few earning sites as you like. It should take approx. 30 to 45 minutes to get the bot, set it up, and start earning.

edit - the other comment showed up in the end, deleted to avoid confusion.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I don't know of any method to manage accounts like that. After reading things over again, I can understand the concept a little more.

Hi @flexcougar, we'll admit that at the moment it's not reading perfectly well and we'll be making many changes to the website as we move along, however we did release a little early as we've been helping a couple of members privately on discord with this.

I do believe the process is relatively straight forward and when you've set up the bot you can come back at any time to add in more sites to boost earnings. Like with anything, once you've done it a couple of times it will be very easy for anyone to do with little to no computer knowledge.

All we want to do really is help our members build up their accounts from minnow so they can earn more through Steem by delegating, curation rewards etc.

If you're interested in testing there's a 3 day trial on the bot, all the other sites are free and in that time you should make at minimum 30,000 satoshi providing you can make 750+ claims per day from the bot.

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