I can't trust the search results on Steemit or Busy anymore.

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Yesterday, I posed the question, asking if anyone who is searching by specific tags no longer can see their own posts in the search results.

It's quite concerning.

Up until now, posts I've created in certain tags show up.

Let me show you.

Eight days ago (according the marker in both Busy.org and Steemit.com) I made this post:


I placed this post under the tags: law, legal, familylaw, familycourt and something else.


Whenever I've searched for these tags, my article comes up. It's how I know I've seen all the "new" posts under those tags.

I'm actually trying to find content that is interesting to me.

The search criteria I normally use:

  • busy.org/created/law (insert the other tags here one by one when I'm done)
  • steemit.com/created/law (same as above)

Until now, both search results have been the same and my posts come up in the correct place in the feed.

But yesterday and today, when I search, I get this:

I searched both, thinking maybe it was just a bug with just busy.org.


And on Steemit:



But the tag showing in the picture said "familylaw".

Yep, you're correct. As I mentioned earlier, I placed it under that tag as well. So, let's search specifically by that tag (as it's always come up before).


And on Busy.org:


As you can see, on that tag, nothing shows up. Not even everyone else's posts that have normally been there the last few days under that tag!

Clearly, there is a major bug in the search system.

I'm highly disappointed.

I've only been here a couple of months. It was only recently, in the last month or so I figured out how to search by any tag I wanted, to find topics I want to read about (to save time).

But now, no only do my posts not show up, under some tags nobody else's show up either!

What if it's not just showing up because it's created (looking for new items only) and it's been past seven days?

I thought about that. But look at the first set of results. You have things coming up from 16 days ago, 28 days ago, etc, under that same tag.

Now, not only is it extremely difficult to have your posts be seen to begin with, but now the may not even show up if you search by the tag directly!

I'm not happy.

I don't have a lot of time in my life to do the things I really want to be doing. It's that way out of necessity right now. I thought, at least I could trust searching by tags directly to find content under these topics. Now I can't even do that.

Why should I fight this hard to use a platform?

If I write something and post it publicly, I want it to be READ, otherwise I'll just stick writing in my damn diary! HELLO!?!!

The thought of being able to use STEEM to trade it for other things was appealing, because of course, you don't get that anywhere else. I know that. I get it.

Maybe I just have high expectations


Is that really too much to ask?

I placed this post under the following tags: steemitbug, bug, bugs, search, law

Image Source: screen shots I took myself.

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