I'm crying here @steemitboard @arcange

Colombia is a country in the world cup.

Columbia is a region in canada and other parts of the british empire. If you say columbia in spanish it sounds ridiculous. Help a brother out.

Now all the people that cant read to stop comenting have learned the wrong spelling!

Hi, i make the right chosses in the games Argentina - Islandia, Francia - Australia the saturday, and i dont recieve muy badge. Please, can check that?

Did you register?

Yes, i did it. Can check my situation?

  • Argentina vs Iceland
    The vote limit was 2018-06-16 13:00:00
    You made your vote at 2018-06-16 10:13:48

  • France vs Australia
    You made 3 votes:
    2018-06-15 19:59:03 Australia
    2018-06-15 19:59:18 Australia (removal of vote)
    2018-06-15 20:00:00 France

Sorry, but as mentioned in the rules, all bets had to be rejected.

But in the Argentina - Iceland i made the vote before the limit.

And in the other game, i admit that y choose the mistake button jeje, that was my fault.

saya menanti dan menunggu siapa yang akan menuju ke final , good job

Thanks admin @steemitboard, I have to work hard to gain more badges. Keep steem on!

Colombia Vs japan??

Good luck & enjoy worldcup2018 :)

Thank you @steemitboard for the challenge,

Be careful guys I made a mistake and vote for tie on match between Costa Rica vs Serbia and than decided to change it to Serbia wins but the rules are simple. You can only wote once. I lost a badge even though I've picked the correct outcome of the match...😀

for me i noted there is a mistake with the way the game is working. One my vote i made on its own showed up where i did not.
twice when i go to post the choices have not showed up and i had to tag the Steemitboard and Arcange to look at then later it just shows up.

I think there is a small bug with this

I didn't have any other problems than reading the rules carefully. 😀

ahh dammit - i thought the vote ONLY counts if you between the first 25 :(

@Steemitboard I have noted 2 bugs with your bet.

On two occassions my Steemit showed the choices as ore repeated 3 times. In Nigeria game this happened and after i voted my vote showed. I left a comment and tagged you and @arcange to check on that and today i have realized i was denied my Nigeria - Croatia even though i made correct guess.

Poland game showed no choices today when i went there to vote. i made a tag comment to you then minutes ater the choices showed up and showed they had been commented hours before my comment.

Can you please look at this problem as it has now cost me 3 badges.

Also the fourth game my badge shows half the badge lighted up even though i predicted correct so i am confused if i get half a prediction or what that means.

Thank you and keep doing the good job you are. I also upvote this post

Congratulations to the winner, @steemboard whenever I can win. 😁😁😁😃😄😅😇

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