how good!! I still remain in the top 20

Very nice contest! thanks guys!

Really enjoying this competitive game. I like that it doesn't require very much investment of money, votes, or time. Just interest in quick daily viewing participation in a "nothing to lose" competition with many participants. Good job. You would make an excellent ref @steemitboard.

It is getting hard to get to the top...

Just realized that most betting houses (if aware of this) would get crazy about the power of this tech to provide revenue to a cause.

I mean, they have thousands of users spending (and losing) millions every day. Where in here (STEEM) we can basically do the same, and charge nothing! =) Or little bits and bytes. But, either way, if not for the sponsors giving it away, I think the revenue from the votes on steemitboard would just be enough to provide a big present by the end.


Tenth place! Wow! Looking forward to all the games and this contest! Thank you again @steemitboard and the witnesses behind the sponsorship! :D

It is great to see that whales of Steemit are working together and creating value on the platform! Keep up the good work and good luck to all the competitors! ;)
Though it make me disappointed when I still see some of the users commenting under the options of who is going to win, just like they can't read, see or understand the words. It is pretty frustrating... :D

Great contest. Good luck everybody :D

Awesome contest.

Hello steemboard
Please upvotes and follow me

I participated for Croatia and nigeria and i didnt got the badge?? @steemitboard

I bit argentina vs iceland match as tie...
But i don't get a badge for this match..
N.B : I got two badge already @steemitboard

Good luck !

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Would be nice to reach top100 ⏩at the end of game 🏁DSC_0012.JPG

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