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Welcome to SteemitBoard’s witness report

Like all other witnesses, it will publish publish a regular report on its activity and how it helped the Steemit platform and its users to grow.

For those who don’t know why SteemitBoard is a witness, I highly recommend to read the introduction post. This one is full of information.

Work done

  • two new personal badges have been created
Saint Nicholas’ Day award. This award has been given to the 53 participant who have been good girls/boys along the year. Saint Nicholas brought them a dedicated on top of the badge they can now display on their board.
Christmas 2018 commemorative award. This award has been been distributed to 112 friends by Steemit users. This was the first award that you could not win for yourself but had to give to someone else.


Since May 2017, SteemitBoard sends notifications to inform users of their progress on Steemit.

Up to now, SteemitBoard has sent 544540 notifications, with the number of notifications sent everyday which is now steady around 3000 notifications per day. Indeed, the notification process has been updated in order to manage the impressive growth in the number of active users encountered last times. The notifications are grouped together and this avoids receiving several notifications from @steemitboard on the same post, especially for newcomers.

Here a small chart to display this evolution

If SteemitBoard is able to send so many notifications per day, this is thanks to your support. Each time you vote on the notification, you increase SteemitBoard’s power and bandwidth, allowing it to notify users of their achievements more quickly.

Here an evolution of the support received on notifications

Notifications are really appreciated and users have sent a lot of positive feedback.

Thanks for all those who keep upvoting the notifications they receive.

Support from SteemitBoard to other users

Remember @steemitboard upvotes user’s post each time it send a notification.

At the very beginning, the upvote strength was 10% for every notification. But as there was more and more notifications sent, its voting power was depleting very quickly. Moreover, the change to linear reward deplete very quickly voting power.

Here are the current voting rules used by @steemitboard:

Action typeVP %Description
“first” award1VP is low to avoid giving too much on new users that come and go
generated by user0Set to zero to avoid abuse by accounts generating a lot of informations with low value
generated by other (upvotes and comments)2This is the reward when others users appreciate your work
Special awards (Top xxx, Daily Author, Weekly Author, ...)5Voting Power is high to reward committed users

Here a graph showing how the voting power has been distributed to users

And here's a chart with the number of votes made every day. You will notice that SteemitBoard has upvoted up to 802 posts per day and is now on a lower average of approximately 438 posts upvoted per day.

Actually, @SteemitBoard is not powerful enough to have a big effect on payout of the posts. Anyway, its upvotes already help to raise the active user’s reputation.

SteemitBoard is grateful when you support it

Some users already voted for @SteemitBoard as a witness. This support is very appreciated and has been rewarded by a small gift: each one received the following award that displayed on his personal page on SteemitBoard.

A special thank you to all who already voted for @SteemitBoard and already received their award.

If you want to make this award yours, that’s quite simple, support the project SteemitBoard and vote for @SteemitBoard as a witness here!

Please note that the award will stay on your board only if you keep your vote for the witness. This will help the active supporter of SteemitBoard to recognize each others.

Thanks for reading.

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