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Do you work hard to publish a lot of quality posts on Steemit?
Are your posts appreciated and massively upvoted?
Do you get some decent payout from what you produced?

Do you feel proud of yourself?

Then it’s time for you to discover


SteemitBoard is a unique place where your achievements on Steemit will be displayed to the world!

With SteemitBoard, you can win and collect awesome awards that you will be able to show to your friends and family.

How to view your own personal Board of Honor

Go to

Enter your username (or the username of any user whom you want to see the board of honor) and hit ENTER or click on the small search glass.

If you are a brand new user, you will see the following 3 sections in your Board of Honor.

1. Statistics

On the left side of this section, you have

  • The number of posts you have published
  • The number of comments you have made on others posts
  • The average number of votes you have received per post.

In the center, you have a representation of your current status, given the number of VESTS you own:

  • you own between 0 and 999 VESTS and are considered a minnow.
  • you own between 1000 and 9999 VESTS and are considered a dolphin.
  • you own between 10000 and 99999 VESTS and are considered an orca.
  • you own more than between 1000000 VESTS and are considered a whale.

On the right side, you have:

  • The total of author payout you got for publishing posts (in Steem Power)
  • The total of curation payout you got for accurately voting for quality posts (in Steem Power)

2. Your Awards

The second section displays the awards you have collected by being active on Steemit.

For a new user, they will be all locked. You will have to work a bit to unlock them.

3. Next Awards

The third section show what you have to do to unlock your awards.

Every new user will have the following first objective:

  • To write a first post.
  • To write a first comment.
  • To vote for someone else post or comment.
  • To collect some payout for his own post(s).
  • To have people reply to his posts or comments.
  • To have others vote for his posts or comments.

They are easy targets and you should accomplish these tasks painlessly

4. Award information

If you want to know which task(s) you have to accomplish to earn an award, just click on it and a description windows will appears with all the information you need.


Let’s look at one user’s Board of Honor. The first one by alphabetical order that has successfully made some achievements is @aaleks

His statistics shows that his VESTS gives him the minnow status.

On the first award row, we see that :

  • He did not wrote his first post yet.
  • He wrote at least 1 comment.
  • He already voted for one post or comment
  • He did not receive any payout

On the second award row, we see that

  • He upvoted at least 100 posts or comment

What he did not achieved is

  • He did not wrote at least 10 posts
  • He did not wrote at least 10 comments
  • He didn’t got a reward of at least 10 SP
  • He didn’t got at least 10 replies
  • He didn’t got at least 10 upvotes

Here are the next awards he can win and his current targets:

He has to accomplish the following tasks to deserve these new awards:

  • to write and publish one post
  • to write 7 more comments to win the “10 comments” award
  • to make 83 more upvotes to win the “250 upvotes” award
  • to earn his first SP from a post or comment
  • to receive 8 more replies to win the “10 replies” award
  • to receive 8 more upvotes to win the “10 upvoted” award

The little gauge below each award shows the percentage of current accomplishment

Using your awards in your posts to impress your friends

SteemitBoard is cool because you have your own dashboard and awards, automatically generated and updated each time you do an action on Steemit.

Each award has an unique and permanent URL that you can reuse anywhere.

  • Unique
    The award is created for you, only YOU! It’s not a shared image.

  • Permanent
    Even if your award level changes, because you have reached your goal, the URL address of the award will always stay the same.

How to embed your award.
  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Select the award you want to embed and right click on it
  3. Create a new post
  4. In the post body, right click and paste the address of your award

That’s it! Your award now appears in you post

SteemitBoard provides high quality, high size awards. If you want to reduce the size of your awards (because you want to display more awards on the same line, for example), just add the following text before the URL of your award:[witdh]x[height]/

where you replace [width] and [heigth] with the size (in pixels) you want.

Examples : will display your posts awards in a 50x60 pixels square.

Friendly URL support

SteemitBoard support friendly URL to access your board or someone else board. This mean that you can type in your browser address bar something like: or

Both ways of writing the username,with or without an ‘@’, are fully supported.

And now, get them all!!!

Hopefully you will become the most active Steemit user and successfully decorate your dashboard and posts.

Have fun!

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Thanks for the support, advice and information, success is always ....

Hello! I have the problem that the awards are not updated. And I can not get the new ones into a new post, it shows always the old ones.Any idea?

In the comment it is working. It shows 90. In the post it shows 60.


Hey, sorry being late to reply. I missed your comment.
Unfortunately, use a image cache proxy that doesn't allow displayed images to be refreshed if the related picture is updated.
We have opened an issue on github but had no reaction from the dev :/
You can upload the image somewhere else and link it into your post


Thank you for getting the issue solved, I like your the tool very much!

Great concept. Thank you !

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Steemitboard is Really Amazing Concept

Thank you for the encouragement! :)

i like the real life gaming concept =)


Thank you Steemitboard. I just received my first award and looking forward to receiving many more. I didn't even know that these awards were available. Fun!


Hi. I've been here since May, and for a bit I didn't participate, not knowing that if I didn't for a week, my account would turn into a "dead fish." I've been participating regularly lately, but see that the image on my Steemitboard page is still a dead fish. Why is that and can it be changed? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Thanks Steemitboard ! Great!

Love it. Quality post. And for those who take Steemit seriously a great motivational tool Thank you!

looks like fun... thx

Hey @steemitboard, according to your website I'm a dead fish. I'm pretty confident I'm just a teeny tiny minnow instead ;)

This is great! I've just joined last week, have made quite a few posts, have upvoted and commented on other posts, received comments and a payout, but why is my dashboard not showing any rewards at all?

From a Minmow who needs some encouragement.

I am new, ( and french ) so that maybe why i don't undestand something: what is "vest" please ?

Thank you :)

zebu !

Mr.steem board I am having difficulty getting the money into my actual pockets help! What happens when I don't claim the rewards?

Thanka @steemitboard your information very benefit for me.. As a beginner in this program.. Please teach me more and more.. I want to know much..

Steemitboard is amazing concept. Who I should contact on if I would like to talk about it further development?


Took contact with you on

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This is great!

I like your post.thanks.

I want to help follow. @ Iminmesra


That's so cool. It looks like Call of Duty. Ahahahah! Love it. Shame to have so few awards to pose, hehehe! Excellent post brow! Cheers!!!


Pretty sweet! I hope to have the top of everything in time, let's get it...

Awesome Idea! It gives my motivation extra boost :-)

This is a great idea, @steemitboard. It will encourage people to create and curate more content on this great platform.



Keep Up the good works @steemitboard I shall always support You daily.

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