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RE: Saint Nicholas challenge for good boys and girls

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Hoohoo.. Santa 🎅😍 that you?
You are early 😲 let me ruuuun and make you some plot porridge
And ginger bread 😋
Can't let you do it all on empty stomach....

I love this post and to come up with a wish... I feel so blessed already... 😇
But ok.... I wish for...a submarine full of goodies... That way we can visit every harbor and leave some gifs... Ohh and mabye learn a language or two.... Hakokoa 🙏
What language is that?
😕 I dunno.. Never been here before.. Lol
A wish for everyone to receive a gift on Christmas so wherever they are they feel loved. Everyone matters right? ❤️
Might not be the wish you meant.. But then I go with everlasting licorice that no matter how much you eat... It's still as much left as when you started 😂😂hahaha
Mabye Licorice Santa?

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Here your submarine with its goodies:

Enjoy Saint Nicholas' day @saffisara!

Hahahahahahhahahaha you are too funny and sweet miss saffie!!

And i think you had wished too many! That is sooooo sweet actually..the submarine of goodies! Wooooohooooo i cant wait for you to come and deliver my gift!!!

Yes Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if there were bo presents! No matter what it is as ling as it comes from the heart, that is what matters most.

And i must agree with the licorice!! Is there really such a thing that you just eat and eat and eat and eat and dont go bloating hahahaha i would wany it too!

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I'm glad you think so my sweet friend 🤗💕
I've missed you bunch and so amazing to talk much again 😘 I promise to do better and bug you more 😂😂hahaha

Mabye I wished for to much but my heart is full of wishes for people to be well and feel loved like we do... And Christians is a time to be grateful and remind us of the blessings we have ❤️

Ya that licorice wish was all my ego... Lol didn't come from the heart... More like from my mind and taste 😋 yummy!
It would be cool though.. Never-ending licorice... Lol

Have a wonderful week @maquemali and don't ever change 🤗❤️🤗 love you!

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Licorice is good. 😊 🤗

Yes it really is 😋 yummy.. Lol
Hope you are having a great week my friend 🤗❤️

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Thanks dear Saffi. I am having lots of snow this week but no problem. A Happy Tuesday and great week to you. 🥰

But... this is Saint Nicholas and he is not their with Christmas but Dec 5th, 6th or 19 and after that he leaves. Santa is someone else.

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I hear you.. Thank you for enlightening us.. I guess being a swede it's sometimes hard to keep track of it all.. Now I get it.. Thanks 😉

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