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The difference between the teachings of scholars and scholars of Olivier Carmen is that the teachings of Olivier Carmen are obsessed with observations.
While all scholars of life are full of studies,
Oliver Kamman does not speak, do not write the words, as they do not observe, do not believe, do not take care.

The scholars do not speak, do not write the words, as they do not study, do not know the scholars.

If the scholars are asked about the soul, they are not authorized to say anything more than Rabi.
While Olivia Carmen takes the soul as an obligation to God Almighty in this world of impartiality ...

Furthermore, the soul is formed between blood and meat in the human being, in such a condition the soul and the body are the same.

But those are people who know the body and the soul with their different needs ...

Know the self and the heart by their different needs ....
As the Sunnah al-Arifin says about Hazrat Sultan Bukhru, Hazrat Sinaana Farooq Azam (RA), he said, 'O Messenger of Allaah is also said to be the same as your body, your soul, your soul, your heart What is the need for everyone to fulfill their needs according to their values, not expediently and unintentionally, did not perform fever and transgression, and the fact is that things should be given equal rights to their values ​​which are not less and It is not too much, the person who deals with this person's own position, writes the letter to the dry and read the Nail, and follow his order with water flowing. The power of importing takes away from its Lord Almighty, prevents wisdom from consciousness from the mountains.
Every word that devil seeks refuge in the Almighty, this devil hurts the way of this age.

This is the age of all the age inside.

The scholars do not talk to them

The elders do not talk to the pit

Just look like a scholar
No one wanted a shoulder

Just look at the lover (left)
As it was thousands of stars


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