On my island with a glass of wine

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A wineglass half full sits on a table beside me on the sand and a cigarette burns on the edge as a lazy bee glides by.

Is kiss-love accompanied by the moon?

Too many thoughts for this beautiful place.


I buried the suitcase with most of the money in the back garden covered in plastic but I won't say where exactly.

My boat is moored out in the bay and there is no one around, just me on this island all to myself.


Out in the bay I'm I just saw the head of a woman swimming by the boat, and now she dives and was that a tail?

Did I just see a mermaid?

And was there a wireless attached to her?

It can't be, too much wine I think...


What am I doing here?

The next thing I hear is the sound of a wireless as I slip away into a deep sleep...


So if it’s a singularity you are after then jump right in said the voice from the wireless...


In the law of presentagious advantages that hides under my sleeping head ready to squeak, I heard the murmur of freedom calling where the clocks are free...


When I woke up I found myself back in the woods where I'd found the suitcase full of money...


It’s late and very dark in the woods with no moon or wind to break the silence, when suddenly a bird cries out and thrashes away through the branches of the trees, angry to be disturbed... No matter, we are all here together on this little planet...sorry if I disturbed you little birdie.

Where did it all go wrong: one moment I was on the island drifting off to sleep, and then I was lost and waking up back here again...


Somehow I found myself far away from my island, running back into the woods carrying the suitcase full of money...

What is going on?

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