Smokestack [original poem]

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The genie loomed
Large, imposing above
The city lights
Bridges and buildings too
And also above the people
Their commitments, morals
Even their dreams.
It rose gently,
Unstoppable, unaware
Or uncaring
Of the silly folk below.
With genies, should come wishes
But I was not asked for mine.
I would wish for peace
To settle in the hearts of men
For fear of self and others to be
Not for this...
Whatever it is
This sickness upon the world
That settles nothing,
Except upon our souls
A resignation to hopelessness and
Who rubbed into life this genie?
That rises now at sunset,
Now above our heads
Posing as a cloud
Reaching its arms across the sky
Reflecting light,
But blotting out life.

This is an old poem that I still find very poignant. I hope you enjoyed!

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"With genies, should come wishes
But I was not asked for mine"
This made me sad... wonderful writing..very heartfelt..folowed you..


Aw, thank you <3

Is the Genie like a plume of poisonous smoke that comes out of the wastelands of journey ....then descends on the city and poisons people was that the idea of poem or did I miss something

Wow, you are very talented! This is beautiful! I have tried giving poetry a go, but best I stick to plain old writing :)

Nicely written and who wouldn't want a genie that grants wishes. ;)

Beautifully written @uniwhisp

Thanks for sharing it.


This is kind of sad. But I like it, it makes me reflect on humanity and its flaws