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they never stay the same

the cold though


you do this

but still

I guess even the cold has something to teach us...

although it would be nice if it didn't have to be that way

Now that it's grey outside makes you long for those times in the sun

Thankful for those times and so grateful for the memories of those warm summer nights

The sound of frogs chirping at dusk, sounds so loud, even now

@faeryboots and I on the little green lake where even in the summer it's a cold swim

Which is quite serene of a dip if you can handle your shit

But for now the foliage will sleep, waiting for the return of longer days

Along with the landscapes silent and still

We came and we saw the colours, thats what we're here for

That's what we were born to do




@synrg wow quite poetical (: love the blend of words and pictures 😊

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@joeylim thank you very much! It came from a special place! Glad you liked it and really appreciate the comment! 😊

Aw, babe... This is so sweet ❤️ xo

Thanks love! You're so sweet😽

You are such a lovely couple @synrg and the scenery there is so peaceful and romantic with someone with somebody in their hearts to love.

Thank you so much @cryptopie that means so much, pardon me for taking a while to get back to you. Keeping you in my heart and sending you wishes of health and happiness! 🙂

wow amazing pic @synrg. so cute couple in romantic mood. i think first time i come in your post. i am following you today but today you will have to admit that you will always share such pictures.

Haha sure I'll keep 'em coming. Thanks for stopping by and the comment @anil566

Always a treat to see such beautiful natural places. ...what I like most about the posts is that you were seen in each of the pics. Mostly people share only the scenic beauty buy hesitate to share own photographs ....steem on

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@steemflow yes thanks very much! I've been wanting to share more personal stuff. Thanks for noticing snd steem on as well! 🙂

Looking forward for more beautiful stuffs....👍

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A really different kind of approach on how you write a poem, really enjoys it!

Haha thank you @joelai I wasn't sure exactly what Was happening exactly in this post but it seems to have worked itself out! I should try more of this style 😉

Yes you should, would love to see more from you @synrg!

Having so much fun lovely photo graph dude . Om namah shivay i just saw below of your content .

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Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it @mihirbarot

Comments like these make me happy to post 🙂

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