BLASTING YOUR 👀 with CUTE AF pics of Kira the cocker spaniel!

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Here are a few pics from a frosty walk I had with Kira one morning when I actually made it out of bed and ventured outside in the (relatively) early morning hours... those times always feel so magical, the lighting is also so amazing in the dawn.

I'm not just talking about the golden hours of the day. It's just something about that soft raking light as opposed to the harsh midday sun. Not just that, but everything is all mystical, magical - dew, fog, silence, birdsong, serenity, calm are all generally observed in the early hours. Depending on your location of course.

Also I had a friend once that talked about how if you can structure your day to have yourself an hour to yourself. Time to do whatever it is, read a book, do breathing exercises, bike ride, yoga, meditate, whatever it may be. Having that hour to yourself is critical in being able to feel at ease later in the day, when with all that is going on and all the chaos and people demanding things of you(this may or may not be your life.) What I'm saying is if you've had your time to yourself already, it's easier to meet the demands that the universe puts on your shoulders.

Somehow, dogs don't seem to have much of these problems. Generally, they're just happy all the time.

And that was the tale of the time I woke up early once upon a time...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great (early) day!!!!! 😀


Nice to meet you, @synrg, and thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts: I really love too walking in the early morning, for the exactly reason you talk! 👍🏼

Kira is simply lovely: congrats for the really nice shots! 😍

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

(Upvoted and followed) 🙏🏼

Thanks a lot @amico! Really appreciate the sharing of your echoing of my sentiment! I'm going to sleep for this very reason right now! Blessings! :)

Hello @synrg!

Congratulations! Thanks for using the #dogsofsteemit hashtag! This post has been chosen as one of the winners for Episode 48 of the #dogsofsteemit challenge.

Can't wait to see more dog photos from you!

Taking time for ourselves is very important indeed @synrg because we needed to relax a bit and take time so that our stresses will get relieved.

I can't believe I missed this post of Kira the wonder dog!!!!! 🐶😻

Thanks @faeryboots I post so seldom it's easy to miss them when they happen ;)

oooooh CUTE indeed!!!

only frosty? where are the snow? haha


Hello friend @synrg
At first take my loved and pray.I hope you are good and healthy.I want you to be happy forever.
At least your post always is good and nice. I loved you all post.Your recently post story is great and I like it very much.
Thanks for upvote me.

Dogs are the best! They are here to teach us how to be better humans and keep us company when we fail at it. Having an hour or so to myself is critical in my day. I get up and run every morning where there’s no phone ringing, no voice asking or telling me things, just me and my music pounding the pavement for a few miles. It’s my meditation when I’m not meditating. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hmm, thats a good meditation!! :) Good for you for running, it's super important to keep the circulation strong lol. Up here in the barren frozen winterlands of Canada you have to put on like 50 layers before stepping outside so running is probably not going to happen for me, unless if maybe on a treadmill haha although admittedly there's some people that are that motivated. Anyways! Yeah... dogs are awesome company and teachers! ;)

Treadmills suck!!!! Yep, I don’t know what I would do in a cold climate like that. I guess treadmills would be the only way. Dogs Rock!

Hi @synrg ~ Omgggooooodness!!! Cute AF is an understatement hehe :) Kira is absoulutely adorable <333

Early morning is my favorite time of day ;) and that power hour to yourself - so true - it can make a world of difference :)

Thank you for sharing ~ Bright Blessings!

Thanks a lot! Yes Kira's really super cute and that morning time beats almost any other ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)



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