Feedback on Feedback - A Contest in the Name of the Community

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Hello, friends from across the Great Onlines!

It has been a little over half an year for me on the Steem blockchain. My first experience as a blogger, actually.

We all start with our ideals and the hope to find appreciation of what we do. We are drawn to Steem, hoping we shall find this here. After facing difficulties some are quick to assume it's the platform that's not working...

Well, honestly, which one is if you are not willing to work hard for it? How do you gain an audience? How do you get the feedback you deserve?

By persisting, of course. And remaining on the meaningful engagement path. Sooner or later you will come in contact with the communities who care about engagement. There's the huge circle of @curie encouraged people but they are so many they are more like nation. When it comes to comparison with a local community, as a persistent blogger you will find those that fall into your spheres of interest.

At least I did. And there I finally found feedback. Before I launch the contest, I want to present a few of those communities to you by just shouting out their names and leaving it to you to further explore: @travelfeed, @freewritehouse, @steemitbloggers, @bananafish, @crowdmind, @gardengnomepubs...

And, behold, a lot of those actually overlap each other! And some of them will if not already. I am working towards that since I believe in developing the good things I find in life, not just taking away as I pass them by.

So I am announcing this while waving the banners of @steemitbloggers who are currently competing in a another contest by @theycallmedan - a contest (links on bottom) for the power to curate. To engage. To give feedback. Which is exactly what the @steemitbloggers are doing. Out of the communities I mentioned above, @steemitbloggers are the ones nominated and looking for the support of the larger community - the whole blockchain. The @freewritehouse were nominated, too, but as far as I know, they are giving their full support to the @steemitbloggers.

See what I did there? In the name of a community as well as in the name of the community. And actually, in this case, in the name of all mentioned communities.

The Contest

So, today I announce this contest in which I encourage you to share your experience with feedback on the blockchain.


Post a comment below, telling us:

  • Who gives you feedback most often? You can name as many accounts as you wish, but keep it readable. The easier to encompass, the better;

  • Whom do you give feedback to? Same as above;

  • What kind of feedback are you looking for? This one is too broad, I know. It's your task to narrow it down to what you think is important.


I am the judge right now but anybody willing to sponsor the contest has a place among the judges, too.


  • One person gets 25 SP delegation by me, @manoldonchev;

  • I will distribute 3 to 6 sbi shares, depending on participation;

  • Mystery prizes - whatever the sponsors bring


Participation until the end of February or 00:00 GMT on the 1st of March, 2019;

Winner announcement - by 12:00 AM GMT on Friday, the 1st of March.

Everybody is eligible to participate. Discriminate, I shall not!

I will also invite a couple of individuals whom I am not able to connect to any particular community - @terazkp, @worldcapture and @lightcaptured; also @mellindor and @proxysnyder whom I invited to the platform; @runicar and and @axeman... And everybody any you decide to invite.

Come and give us your feedback!


So, if you want our efforts to weigh more, now is the chance for you to

Help Our Curation Support Grow...

by voting and sharing it with your friends.

This is the WHERE

From there, just login using SteemConnect and

help @steemitbloggers help those who promote the platform through their creations and engagement.


Manol Donchev for @steemitbloggers

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I'm in agreement with you that @steemitbloggers has bought me lots of engagement and I am fairly new to join their community.
@naturalmedicine is a wonderful community of very engaged folks in the sphere of natural medicine and with their tight connection with @homesteaderscoop the sphere has been widened and more engagement attained.
@earthtribe had been wonderful starting up as an extension of Tribesteemup to let others benefit from the community but with the changes on the blockchain so to bought changes to @earthtribe which will now stand as it's own entity and with revamped efforts from the founder should be back to offering more engagement and support on Steemit and beyond!
These are the communities I most engage with, loving the different challenges, contests and QOTW (@ecotrain was good on that one)I love when people comment and add value to whatever I had been posting about letting me get to know them better and to deepen our connections.
I know there are a lot of wonderful people here on the STEEM blockchain and I value the connections with my fellow community members.


So... it looks like I will be checking communities for the next few days ;) Thank you for your time and all the info! I consider this an entry, but if you with to focus more on something, you can always make another one.

Great book initiative, by the way! Check it out, people ;)

I left a few questions there even if they don't look like questions.

Good luck!


Hey, Thanks! I hope some folks with great content take me up on that service, breath some more life into it!

Well, I dunno if I should leave a down-n-dirty comment here or give a full response. But considering this is the last one before the night, I shall submit my entry with effort (of course me doing this in backwards style, yeah that's more for fun though :p - and my style):

    - Whom I take feedback -

  1. I shall generalize and say the @bananafish community (though I often see more comments from @calluna, mój Ukochany, and @brisby, with a side of @michaias when he's not sick) gives me the most feedback on my stuff. While some feedback are not seen here on the blockchain, they communicate any stresses or feedback through Discord (if they haven't done it on Steemit). To go on further, their feedback is very crucial as that helps me try to strive to new areas I haven't covered or thought of before. Equally so, they help point out any silly mistakes I make and, at the same time, allow me to explain stuff more. Of which future stories and posts will include what I explained, so as to avoid doing the same mistake again or making sure the reader understands the story to the point where I need them to understand it at. Also they're probably the nicest people when it comes to feedback, never justifying it and knowing that it is them suggesting it and that all feedback will be tainted with a bias of some sort. Even then, it's still useful to utilize and see how I can work out my works and avoid my biases conflicting badly with theirs.

    - Whom I give feedback -

  2. I tend to give feedback, in the general, to any post upvoted by @curie. However, as I indicated above, I also mainly like to focus my serious feedback (and sometimes lil' fun things with it) to the @bananafish community. Why so? It's the first (and probably most important) community that made me seriously commit to this Steemit Biz. Now staying here for them (and the @curie community), I feel like I have to pay a symbolic debt back to them of which I have barely paid off yet. Also this community constantly welcomes, shelters and helps to grow others, so this is right up my alley to help others become more than whence they came in through those doors. So I have no reason to slack off on duty and be there to provide any assistance when I can!~

    - Feedback -

  3. Feedback that I wish for is the long-styled essays that are to the point, deconstruct things, suggest tacit improvements and never seek to apologize for their feedback. I long-styled essays as they tend to cover everything the post had to offer and leaves no room for curiosity for what they think of the other parts. Yes I know these styled comments are longer and can be obscure as all hell if done incorrectly, yet a thing this platform needs badly. For deconstruction, I don't mean that Derrida thing, but the picking apart of a thing and seeing every core-component of a piece. Tacit improvements, or suggesting improvements without causing offence, is very much needed in a closed environment like this. Equally so, it can help authors of all stripes become better and develop a backbone ("develop a spine" is the colloquial slang for "tough skin" or accepting criticism in my area). For the user-apologia exampli gratia: sorry to say X but Y. That stuff is really annoying because they more than likely don't feel passionate about their criticism and may even not know what they are responding. If they are firm and passionate about it, then it will help that someone who needs it - despite giving a bad bruise. Because then they avoid worse pains and actually know why people do A instead of B, or learn how to do B better so they don't have to lean on A. (Nota bene that these words are variables for basically anything input-table and are mere examples that work as logic parameters.)

Spoken as a worthy minister of I-forgot-what-it-was would speak. I am sorry, but I have to say that I usually go with the short and cryptic (or not) feedback (or not). There are people who are much more committed than I am. And it shows.

Whatever happens here, I have decided to make my best efforts to establish more connections between the @bananafish and @steemitbloggers. People with overlapping interests and styles even... Though there may be some personal reasons some of you stray from each other, I don't know. I hope it's not that. I hope it's just a matter of chance engagement... That is about to happen.

I shall just summon @quillfire here and see what happens in a few hours.

Stepping back...quietly...

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Thanks! Almost 18 more hours to make an entry ;)

I would have to say that hands down @theironfelix provides about the most robust feedback across the entire STEEM blockchain. I receive some feedback from @bananafish folks, including mostly @f3nix. I can't pretend I'm the most active user on here, however. I posted a lot at first. These days, I have so many irons in the fire that I have trouble keeping up on Steemit.

Still I'm thankful to the bananafish for running consistent, quality contests and for engaging readers and writers.

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c: ~Love yah, Michy~ <3


Well, neither can I pretend such a thing. I know about them irons.

Thank you for showing here, anyway. Your input is valuable to me.