Today I walked...

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Today I walked,
I observed…
And today,
I was enveloped.

No matter where my eyes fell,
I saw nothing
But everything you encompass.

Two steps forward,
One step back,
To glance a moment longer,
At the women crossing my path,
Clothed in representation of you.

Filled to the brim,
Conflicted with emotion
Pained and yearning,
I walked, I observed…
And today,
I was enveloped.

Senses heightened,
I could almost taste it all,
The reverence, the passion,
All of it…

Today I walked,
I observed…
And today,
I was enveloped,
completed and cemented
in my belief
that I want to feel
the satin of your world
against the skin of mine.

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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oh... and have you met my little man? @judethedude


BeautyFull Poem @jaynie :) I am feeling it SiStar! <333 Resteemed to spread the awesomeness around. Much Love! See you again soon.

So much love for the fact that these few words spoke to you!!! MWAH!!!! and Thank you!!!

My pleasure :) Thank you for stirring my Soul! <333

Wonderful poem! Style of writing also amazing!

Beautiful words 😊.

"I was enveloped", nice phrase! Like, you know, develop, but other way around ;) . Good poem, skillfully crafted overall. Upvoting, poetic greetings attached.

@bacus15 thank you very much for the lovely compliment and for the feedback 😍

Welcome. It is really enriching experience to discover fine poems on Steemit. Do check my poems too :) .

@bacus15 thank you for the lovely feedback ❤️

Aww, welcome. And thank you for lovely comments exchange :) .

Same here :) . Looking forward to another enriching conversation :) .

@jaynie I am following you from now onwards :) .

Beautiful ❤ And just love Beethoven!

Great writing @jaynie :)
Just followed

Some vastness behind the simple words, a crawly touching flow you have found to get the reader into between the earth and sky. Just lovely, thanks. Not Sia but:

Say Hi from St Petersburg to da little man)))

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