A SHOUT OUT for those wanting to join the @SteemitBloggers Discord Community

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Ola Peeps!

I am often asked by people how they can join the @steemitbloggers community so here it is...

As the founder of this FANTASTICAL community,
and on behalf of my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious partner @zord189

I would like to extend an invite
to the dedicated writers and content creators of Steemit,
to put in an application to join
our crazy, quirky and one of a kind discord family!

The @SteemitBloggers Community

is a discord community of individuals who are committed
to producing content which adds value to the Steemit platform.
We are also strongly focused on supporting our fellow members
and their growth on the platform as well as offering support
to those that are new to the community
and still trying to get ahead.


We are a close knit community of individuals,
each with our own strengths, passions and input,
yet each and every one of us
is willing to do whatever it takes
to support one another!!!!

On the topic of SUPPORT...

Besides our our exceptional member support
and our variety of daily member support initiatives -
we also have an SUPER collaboration
with @Appreciator (aka @bluemist)
and every single day (Mon - Fri)
two of our members receive a complimentary upvote.

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it is an AWESOME platform to meet other bloggers,
chat, learn, engage, share content
and get consistent support,
not only on your posts but for YOU as a blogger!

So, to summarise...


Do you consider yourself a DEDICATED Steemit blogger?

(and with that term, I mean the following...)

• You take your blog seriously •
• You are committed to your growth as a blogger •
• Your content is 100% original (no copy, paste artists please) •
• Your posts have depth and substance •
• You are WILLING to go the EXTRA MILE for your fellow members •



First things first, let's make one thing ABUNDANTELY clear.
We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy
for spammers, scammers, plagiarists and the like.
So to all the "chancers" out there...
don't waste your time reading any further -
because you will not even make it over the threshold.

When I say we are a community of
I mean that in every sense!

The only applicants that will stand a snowballs chance
of walking through our doors, are enthusiastic and authentic individuals,
who are prepared to become an ACTIVE and DEDICATED part of our community.

However, having said that...
this is not specific to any particular niche or category,
so whether you are into photography,
creative writing, tech, vlogging, whatever...

If your content is original and is of a good standard,
you will most certainly be considered.

NOT everyone who applies will be accepted,
so no whining please.

Please also be aware of the fact that
this is a Discord Server Community,
so if you are not willing or able to be active on discord,
then please don't bother applying.


If you think you would be an asset to our community
and would like to apply
then please hop on to the.......


and you will be directed from there...

NB: This is NOT our actual community server... it is an intermittent stop for application processing. Those who are accepted into the community will be contacted directly via DM once their application has been approved.

As always, I am looking forward to going through the applications!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Steemit Bloggers

Oh, and if you wanna meet the
wannabe photographer in me...

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Hello @jaynie, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


WOW @creativecrypto!!! What an honour! Thank you SO much!!! You absolutely MADE my Sunday!!!! Thank you again!!! Would be amazing to have you in our family too!!!! If you are keen... let me know and we can natter a little :)

Just a steemitbloggers' testimonial here- If you are NOT a member yet, fully committed to steemit and write quality posts, video intros and more.. then DEFINITELY think about applying to be a member of this group and community!
SO SUPPORTIVE and great members!


What @goldendawne and @traciyork said :)!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


Living testimony here ^

Keep on Steemit Bloggers ... making Steemit a better place.

I resteemed this invitation post and also shared it in the helpie community as well to help get some eyes on it :)

Love this encouraging community. Nothing like it ^_^

Interesante y tentador... Por ahora soy muy insignificante, pero estoy aprendiendo! Espero primero probarme a mí misma que sí puedo! Luego hablamos ...eso espero.

Supercalifragilis...wuttt... Hahaha, the longest word in the dictionary.... U can just call me Super Zord. :) Can't wait to see more awesome peeps coming through our doors