fall door swag

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Today I made this using flowers from the
dollar tree and burlap from joann fabrics. I will add this guy to my inventory for the flea market on friday.

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I was wondering if you sell these, then I seen you do the flea market thing. Perfect because these are to good not to sell. My favorite is still your iT.

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Thank you for your kind words! I sell them locally and at the flea market also.

howdy there hezziebees! wow that piece is gorgeous and very creative! great job, I hope it sells.


This one did sell for $30! I made several different types of these and this one was the only one that sold. Thanks for you kind comments.


howdy back hezziebees! you are very welcome. Did you say that you sell things online also? Because it sounds like the flea market people want something for nothing.