A flea market adventure

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Today we set up at a flea market

This was our second attempt at selling our crafts. I had all of my wreaths to sell. Enaida spent hours making authentic piñatas with wire, newspapers, and yucca paste. Gabrielle made some awesome journals and journal accessories.


The temperature was around 83 degrees. The wind was vicious as there was a thunderstorm expected later in the evening. All of our things kept blowing down. We had to anchor our canopy to the vehicle at one point.


Our little setup was complete and we sat back and people watched. People entered and exclaimed over the creativity but walked away. Some examined the wreaths and told their friends they could make it. They said the $20 we asked for piñata's were too much.


I charged $15 dollars for the small wreaths, and $20 dollars for the larger ones. The swags were $30. Gabrielle charged $1 and $2 for her things. I guess it wasn't a bargain enough for people because the day was a dud.


My grand total was $95 dollars. I spent $26 for the space rental. Gabrielle made $6 and Enaida $0. The memories we made... Priceless.

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You’re better off selling online. I sell my handmade jewelry on Etsy and FB. The only thing is shipping in your case, your wreath are large, shipping could be too expensive.

Do people try to haggle with you, or are you firm on your prices? I'd be kind of intimidated to try and sell at one of these things, so kudos to you for renting the space and going for it!


I did have one lady say she didn't want to pay that much for a piñata but I told her by the time we figured up the time it was equal to about $3 an hour to make. I went down on a lot of my prices for my own items though.

howdy there hezziebees! so this is your last try? a fun day but not near as much fun as it should have been huh? you'll have some nice Christmas gifts to give away? prices must be dirt cheap if your stuff was considered to be too expensive!


Thank you for your kind words friend, I was just telling my mom at least I have gifts ready for the coming holidays!