The Race to a 10,000 Steem Delegation. The Final Straight.

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The race is on and there are three clear leaders at the top of the poll. Although the steemitbloggers/PHC community is a relatively small community compared with the competition we are holding our own against them. At the time of writing this post we have three days of voting remaining and @jaynie, @zord189 and the PHC gang are working around the clock to gain the votes we need to make a difference.

Two great communities that were included in the vote were @qurator and @freewritehouse have pulled out of the running and have officially declared for @steemitbloggers and are actively supporting and promoting our cause. A massive thanks to both communities from all of us at #steemitbloggers/PHC

Qurator's support post Here

Free Write House's support post Here

To anybody that has voted for @steemitbloggers a huge thank you, to anybody supporting us with resteems and posts of their own, we are indebted to you and to anybody that hasn't voted yet, please vote for us. And to help you with that choice here are a few reasons why.

We are International

With all due respect to our honorable competitors, we are truly multinational. We have members from 24 different countries, including, India, Philippines, Belgium, Ireland, Russia, Wales, Malaysia, South Korea, England, South Africa, USA, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Uruguay, Croatia, France, Indonesia, Germany, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

High Standards

We are open to anybody that has something to say, regardless of nationality, race, age, gender or disability. There are entry standards and reasonable obligations once you are a member but anyone with honesty, integrity and work ethic will be accepted. We produce excellent content for the steemit blockchain and in doing so, help to promote steem in the best of lights. We also promote posts from outside of our membership that are of a similar high standard.

This is a link to apply to join @steemitbloggers / @powerhousecreatives Here

It will make a difference to us

Exactly what it says in the title. 10k will make a huge difference to our community and our ability to affect steemit for the good. Our current holdings are tiny compared to the competition and again the difference for us will....... well.......make a difference 😁

Link to my previous post Here

If you would like to get involved and support us, here is how:

Now, the REAL race begins and they need your help to WIN!!!

If you support the @STEEMITBLOGGERS (aka #powerhousecreatives) then please can you show them some love with your vote and possibly a resteem of this post to spread the word far and wide!

How to vote?

1 Click the below link.
2 Login to steemconnect
3 Select 'steemitbloggers'
4 And youre done!!


Let's take it ALL THE WAY for them!!!!


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Fabulous. We are going to get this @cheese4ead!

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Pressure Is on. We are so close @fionasfavourites


Oh that we are. Second post for today coming up. Trying not to be distracted by other things! LOL


I'll keep an eye out for it.

Voted ....Its a close race but it looks like yous are currently in 1st.

  • Good luck !

Awesome @rentmoney

I really appreciate it. Hopefully we stick this lead in the couple of hours that are left.


Good luck Man, I'm routing for yous !