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Waking up was great after a long sleep last night. First thing i did was to stretch myself. Doing that often give me a sort of relief. I had to make sure every joint is free and ready to work.
Next i read my bible, said a prayer, talked to my friend. Then i left to the office.

At waterside on my way to work, there was a bit of commotion. I actually could not figure out the cause of the scene. Some that i asked said police had issues within themselves. If their claim happened to be true, then it is big mockery to Nigerian system. Could the country be so divided that it's forces are up against themselves? Meanwhile that might be a false claim, we are yet to hear the main gist.
I trekked half way to the office, and happily I made it safely.


There were lots of persons to attend to. One after the other I made sure that each person got value for the purpose of visiting the office. I felt so happy and fulfilled at the end. The situation at waterside could've discouraged me; yet when I made it to the office I was rewarded with a fulfilled day. To me it is indeed a blessing.



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