Steemitbjj | Techniques - Working Half-guard Passing & Subs Tonight

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Myself, @shindojo and our buddy Burdsmash were working on some great half-guard passing and subs tonight. Check out the vids below. You can also show the steemitbjj Instagram posts some love as well please. Be sure to check out and share that site with your friends who may be interested in joining Steemit!


i think this is interesting videos....

So interesting that you didn't upvote the post? Thanks, I think lol.

Bottom guy just lets you out of the half-g. I can see that you start with blocking the leg with your right hand, but then proceed to control the upper body so the bottom guy could just keep his legs crossed and not let you advance. Are you applying some pressure I can't see from here that makes your partner open his legs up?

The videos we take are for our own reference. Sometimes in the dvd series there is a lot of extra chatting. So making the short clips helps us do a quick review as opposed to scrolling through a 20min segment.
There is a lot of pressure on this pass. Like @jiujitsu said, you will almost allow your opponent pass your half.

We'll do some walkthrough technique videos for these. I will say, whether its the wizzer/overhook, the quarter nelson head control, or the worst, the cross-face with head/tee-pee pressure, some of these are really nasty. You almost WANT your opponent to pass.

It may not look like much, but try drilling them when we release the videos, or you can check out the DVD series: The Catch Wrestling Formula by Neil Melanson.

We are working on making top half very, very, uncomfortable, and punishing that pesky underhook, rather than fighting for those underhooks. Don't get me wrong, I'm def more jits than catch wrestling, but I'm not a big guy. A lot of the small details in this series has helped my top half pressure vs great bottom half players.

+1 on cross face teepee. whether you use the shoulder of justice or the top of your head they will almost always one up for the pass.

It's very uncomfortable for sure.

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Nice techniques! They get nastier as they go on, that makes me like it even more haha!

Just subbed to your YouTube too!

Thx sir! Appreciate the sub


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really nice techniques. Everything that involves how to wrap a neck excites me.

Big fan of the darce

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