If Steem growth continues, you don't need to be a super-blogger to succeed at Steemit

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We all love to look at the trending articles and imagine what it would be like to have one of our posts earn hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. Unfortunately, however, the reality is that this is probably a rare experience for most Steemizens. I remember reading somewhere that the average payout for most of us is somewhere around $3.00 per day. So I got to wondering, how do earnings accumulate for the average blogger? How about for the sub-average blogger? As an extreme example, I know of some people who set up accounts shortly after I did, and have had almost no activity, but their accounts are now worth several hundred dollars.

So, I set-up a LibreOffice spread sheet to download daily Steem values from coinmarketcap.com, and slapped together some formulas. I chose July 17, 2016 as a start date, because that's the day I started. Then, I asked my spread-sheet the questions, "What if I made $0.25 per day during those 18 months and powered up every reward? How about $1, $3, or $10 per day?" Assuming I didn't make any mistakes with my formulas, here are the results (not counting interest or potential curation rewards).

This table shows the amount I would have received in Steem, Dollars at the time it was received, and current Dollars.

Rewards per daySteem receivedValue when receivedOpening value yesterday

And as a reminder, this does not include interest or curation rewards, both of which would make these numbers even larger. Of course, there's no guarantee of continuing this rate of growth, but if I believe in Steemit as a growing platform (which I do), then maybe there's something like dollar-cost-averaging going on here for authors who post regularly and HODL.

Here's a graph showing what my account value would have been over time at $1.00 per day in rewards. The red line is the total dollar value of the rewards on the day they would have been received (right scale), the yellow line is the total amount of Steem that would have been received for that amount (left scale), and the blue line is the cumulative value of that Steem at yesterday's opening price (right scale).

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I try to re-steem, curate, and buy as consistently as possible. It is the best investment of time and currency for me yet, and I do diversify as much as I can.

I think we are only in the infancy. Apps such as dtube and Utopian are coming on and there are likely to be a whole lot more. That is going to be awesome, I think.

This is pretty exciting! Thanks for doing these calculations. I have a friend who has done decently well by simply resteeming and not even really writing much. There's so much promise here!

Thanks for sharing this valuable information! Simply put, I look at this platform as an investment. An investment that you can have fun on, be your authentic self, and interact with curated information communities.

This is just the beginning for Steemit, and I wouldn't be surprised if Reddit and other more bureaucratic companies initiated a similar rewards/token-based platform.

Hey @remlaps, this is exciting stuff! I'm very interesting in getting more into the possibilities like this that Steemit offers us.

For that reason, I put a local Steemit meetup together for the people in the Philadelphia area together and discuss this stuff in person, and make connections. Tuesday Jan 16th. Here is all the details in the link https://www.meetup.com/BitcoinPHL/events/246630425/

It would be great to meet you and have someone with you technical knowledge and reputation in the Steemit community present. Hope you will consider coming out!


I appreciate the feedback. Also, thanks for letting me know about the meet-up, and thank you for organizing it. It would be great to bring in some more people from the area. I just shared your meetup link on my facebook page. Not sure if I'll be able to make it, but I will if my work schedule permits.


My pleasure and I also appreciate the push for the meetup on your facebook. If you can make it out that would be awesome, but work obviously is the higher priority. This first one is coming together, in a slightly clumsy way without much time to get the word out, so every little bit of promotion helps. Thanks so much!

I signed up in 2016 but got sidetracked and forgot about it :)
Then I restarted in July 2017 I think and tried to post every day.
Most of my post are about the photos I take
and I love sharing them here :)
I hardly ever had a post making more the 1 $ but that is fine
I enjoy being here and I am thankful that this great platform inspired me to take back up my old hobby photography :)
I have been learning a lot here and have been reading many interesting posts.
I had some health problems the past few weeks and hardly posted and was very surprised to see that my account went up a lot in value due to the price of Steem going up :)
Steemit is growing and that is great to see :)

Trending is too late, I watch the 'New' feed and find the stops that will be Trending, without a 3 hour waiting period or a 24 hour cap, or reputation scores, for the Steemit Comminuty! - js
Steem On! <3


But, Dude, that seriously looks like a logistics graph that is close to finding its carrying capacity - js

Nice job brother

gain a boonwith steemit