My beard must win, and I need your help!

in #steemitbeards3 years ago

Hello followers (and welcome people who don't know me!) Yes, that's me, and that's my car. Read on!

My friend @necromortis, is running a contest in search of the best beards of Steemit. The person with the most votes wins, and I am lagging thoroughly behind in the #steemitbeards race, even though I have the most superb and superior backdrop for the picture of my beard!

How to help me.

  1. Go here.
  2. Upvote the comment in the link above.
  3. Tell @necromortis that I've got the best beard on #steemit

No one can match the combination of beard and Steemmobile, and I have to beat @phelimint, at the very least!

Thanks for your time, and back to our regularly scheduled randomness!


gl with the contest

You'll never beat me! You need more silver patches!

Just wait til I'm older!

Yeah right, those awesome white strands

Excellent beard, sir. Manly eyebrows too. Why don't we ever have eyebrow contests?

Upvoted on the contest thread too :)

I'll suggest it to @necromortis for the next contest. He can have the more appealing gender enter the contest too, perhaps. Too bad he's sleeping now.

Insane beard, i actually dont know how you're not winning.

nice beard i wish to have one like that one day

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