We need road safety in Bangladesh

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Road Accident in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh every year 4000+ becoming died on road accident. This is so sad statistic. It's only because of our driver unconscious driving . But we passerby also should maintain the traffic rules and regulations. Because when go for outside and cross the road we don't became so serious. That is the one of the reason of it.

Bangladeshi Car Drivers

In our country, most of the car drivers are so illiterate. Then that's not only they have no license actually. It's very shocking things and most of the cars are unfitness for drive .That is so dangerous.

Road safety Workshop by Students

Recently two students of Shahid ramiz uddin college had been died by a bus accident. This became the students more angry on government and they decided to come to road and teach the traffic police how to control and manage all the vehicles in a rule.
Students stands on the road for 1 week managed all the vehicles very well.
This became the history Bangladesh,which has been created by our school, college students.

Students checked license of all vehicles

It was a great workshop for all the students. Because all the students checked all vehicles license. It was funny and great project for work on. Students seems that so many vehicles doesn't have any license. Even some police officer, political leaders have not any license .
In this great prospects of students we people became shocked and surprised that they were done a great work.
They had done all the work nicely.
As we all know in this generation,most of the students are busy with Google , Facebook,YouTube , gaming and etc etc.
But they proved that they are not unawareness of any situation.They are aware.

It is true that students are not now in roads,but their lessons are seeing in the roads.
We want safe roades
We want license of every vehicles
We all want to see a beautiful country
Thank you all to read my blog.
Hope you will like our students prospects.




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